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Oct 2, 2006 05:52 AM

Ughh! Trader Joe's no longer carries Truffle Oil! Any good on-line sources?

White or black, as long as it is reasonably priced and strong.

Thanks in advance

Ryan X

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  1. I can't recommend an online source but, in the past, I've seen T.J.'s not stock the stuff for a long time, only to have it reappear. So, keep your eyes open there in the future.

    1. Is there whole foods in your area? The whole foods in my area carries truffle oils.

      1. I've been told in past years it is a seasonal item. It'll usually show up again around Dec or Jan and their stock will run out around late summer depending on popularity.

        1. If you have a Cost Plus/World Marketplace near you, they might have truffle oil.

          1. FYI: I bought some white truffle oil from TJ's about 2 weeks ago at the Alameda store. It was $8 bucks for 8.5 oz. I usually don't say this but it's amazing stuff for the price. Two tablespoons with some melted butter and parm cheese on fettucine noodles and wow.