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Oct 2, 2006 05:43 AM

Anniversary Meal in the OC

I have a reservation for an anniversary dinner at the StoneHill Tavern at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. Any thoughts and/or opinions? Are there some other restaurants I should be looking at? What about Pascal?


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  1. I was underwhelmed by Stonehill, but most really like it. For the best food in OC, Studio at the Montage. Disclaimer - started out fantastic, stayed fantastic, but just read a downhill review somewhere fairly recently, so perhaps someone could give an update? I could only afford it once, so can't compare ;-)

    Stonehill I feel the tables are waaay too close together & the lady sits at a long banquette shared by everyone else, with gentleman across from her. So, I personally wouldn't want it for an anniversary dinner. I like a cozy private booth. Unfortunately, the OC restaurants with those are not cutting edge cuisine - all good, but nothing gourmet - 21 Oceanfront very romantic, The Ritz, a few more I'll keep thinking! Oh - Mozambique has a couple of private booths in the back of the room to the left - romantic & excellent food, but not what I think the cuisine-type you're going for.

    I had a very bad experience at Pascal, but, in his defense, I found out later he wasn't cooking there that night - was at a fund-raiser.

    1. AMBROSIA(OC Pavilion, SA) is our favorite Restaurant in OC at present , followed by
      NAPA ROSE (private room)
      other notables are:
      Stonehill tavern
      The Ritz
      The Studio at Montage isn't as solid as it once was.

      1. Stonehill Tavern is my favorite in OC right now; I've particularly enjoyed their pork dishes (suckling pig, pork belly). My last meal at The Studio was disappointing and I don't care much for the setting at Napa Rose.

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          I like the setting at Napa Rose (and, yes, excellent food!), but I think the key is to dine here as late as possible... and miss the families that bring their screaming kids in all wound up from a day at Disneyland. Find out what time the park closes ;-)

          1. re: torta basilica

            Seating for a party of two at Napa Rose meant sitting at a banquette (my MAJOR pet peeve).

            Fortunately, we got to sit "alone" for 2/3s of the meal. We got real quiet when another couple was seated adjacent to us.

            1. re: Funwithfood

              Totally understandable - that's what the tables at Stonehill just about all looked like to me - except for the 4 in the bar. The patio was closed when we were there. I think Europe is the only place I can handle sitting that close to other diners! Even then... ;-)

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          1. I also like Stonehill Tavern and they DO have nice booths, which is where we ate last time. There are also a few small tables outside on their terrace, so if you go, take advantage of them, for either a pre-dinner sunset drink or posssibly, even dinner with a view of the ocean in the distance. Check with the restaurant to be sure of getting what you want.