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Oct 2, 2006 03:40 AM

Looking for CHs to vote for mom's surprise 60th birthday dinner

Mom and Dad are coming out from the east coast for T-Day, and we'll be going out Friday night to surprise my Mom with a fancy beautiful dinner. Looking at the big "occasion" restaurants, and we have narrowed it down to the following:

Michael Mina
Dining Room at the Ritz
Fleur de Lys

What is your vote and why? We'll have 5 people in our party-- all fairly adventurous diners. Looking for a place that will really impress with food, decor, service-- in short, everything.

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  1. The Dining Room at the Ritz.

    First of all the the Ritz has the best service in town and, IMO, the best food.

    There's a champagne cart for heaven's sake.

    My next choice would be Michael Minna, but it is just not as special and the food is not as good or the service. Nothing wrong, but not up to Ritz standards.

    I have a long time grudge against Aqua for the way I was treated there. The food just wasn't good enough for me to go back. That was long ago, but it is still more of the type of place I'd send someone on an expense account rather than a special occasion.

    Haven't been to Fleur de Lys.

    My post about the Ritz from last year

    1. In order of preference:

      Ritz Carlton - superb food and service; your mom would definitely have a memorable meal for a milestone birthday.

      Fleur de Lys - great food but the service can be spotty.

      Michael Mina - has personality problems as in charges a premium for fine food but isn't quite sure what it wants to be - I find the lighting, the decor and the music quite lacking.

      Aqua - beatiful room but have been underwhelmed by the food time and again. . .altho I must admit to not being a fan of fish so I am missing out on a integral part of their menu which may be where they shine.

      1. You'll probably be able to pull of the biggest surprise at the Ritz. You know, you're going to a hotel to check something else out and suddenly you're there.