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Oct 2, 2006 03:05 AM

ISO Full-Fat Buttermilk in Marin or East Bay

Anyone know where I can find the full-fat variety? I buy buttermilk all the time for baking, but don't remember seeing anything higher than 2%. TIA

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  1. Hello, don't know what the fat % is for this, but did you try Berkeley Farms (widely avail. in the Bay Area) Bulgarian style (so labelled, randomly avail. in places that carry BF) buttermilk? It seems discernibly richer than the 2%, or lowfat stuff. salud

    1. I don't really know, but I always assumed that the fat in buttermilk went into the butter. Can anyone explain the process?

      1. Buttermilk is a low fat milk product. But most buttermilk today is cultured, meaning low fat milk is soured/acid added. True buttermilk has a higher fat content, but still lower in fat than sweet milk.

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          Right. Old-fashioned buttermilk was what was left over after you churned butter. That's very hard to find--Straus sold some at the farmers markets for a while. It was about 0.5% fat.

          I agree that Berkeley Farms' buttermilk seems richer than 2% but I never looked at the label to see.