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Fresh porcini mushrooms in Toronto?

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I know mushrooms are in season, yet I haven't spotted these anywhere. Is anyone in Toronto selling fresh porcinis at this time of year? I've never tried them and would love to know a supplier.

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  1. There is a mushroom seller in the north market at teh St. Lawrence market. She sells local farmed and wild mushrooms, but she also goes to the terminal and brings in other stuff. She had Porcini's last fall. She also had Morels and Chanterelles in season. And, she's the only place I've ever been lucky enough to find a puff ball for sale in the early spring.

    1. A bit out of the way, but I'll check them out.

      Anywhere else?

      1. I know who you're talking about, I bought some morels from her a while ago. I try to go to St Lawrence every week so I'll definitely keep checking in with her. Thanks!

        1. Pusateri's often carries them, too. Cheese Boutique didn't have them yesterday, but they did have some lobster, gypsy and butter mushrooms. Mmm, mushroom risotto!

          1. Thanks for all the listings so far. Anyone else?

            1. there is a good mushroom guy at the Sherway gardens farmers market every friday in the summer, he has many many verities of mushrooms and he has HUGE puff balls from time to time..he's very knowledgeable about mushrooms and the dishes they are used in.. try him if you can make it out to the 427 and the queensway.

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                I agree that mushroom grower is knowledgable with great variety of mushrooms but he isn't very honest. We caught him twice giving us nearly 20% less than he charged us. We figured the first time was a mistake... The second time was enough for us. You can see him rounding up to his benefit each and every time.

                As an aside, his oyster and cinnamon cap mushrooms were great... Too bad his integrity isn't.

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                  Oh wow! really I sorry to hear that.. I've only bought mushrooms from him once, I'll keep an eye out for that next time though..thanks for the advise..

              2. there is a great mushroom guy at the sherway Gardens market every friday, he has local fresh mushrooms every week, and he has HUGE puff balls from time to time if that's your cup of tea..he's very knowledgeable on all mushrooms and the type of dishes they go best in.. check him out if you can make it to the 427 and Queen's way area on fridays.. I recommend him, if your a mushroom lover..

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                  Does anyone know if the farmer's market at Sherway is still open in the fall? Thanks...

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                    Should be open until the end of the month.

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                      Sherway market may be done for the season but the Farmers market at dufferen mall park.. is on until the end of November.. and they have mushrooms too..

                    1. Try Forbes. They had some fresh ones at the Brickworks today, but ran out. Apparently they also sometimes had them at Dufferin Farmers market on Thursdays as well - depends on what the foragers find in a given week.