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Oct 2, 2006 01:48 AM

Asheville - Fig? Limones, Zambra, Vincenzo's --Recs, please.

We had been planning to eat at Vincenzo's and Zambra until I came to this site.

Now I have a lot more information to work with!

What do you recommend? We have two nights. Staying at the Renaissance. Prefer not to drive a huge distance. We like all Latin, American, New American, French. Not wild about Italian, but if excellent, will give it a try. We haven't learned to like Indian yet. Asian is not our favorite, but if fabulous, we'll try it also.

We appreciate any help offered!

One more thing, I have been unable to find a website for Fig.

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  1. I don't think Fig has had to do much in the way of advertising beyond word of mouth. French inspired cuisine - I'd highly recommend - but pricey.
    Vincenzo's can be hit or miss. Limones is consistently superior with interesting Pacific Coast Mexican inspired dishes using organic and local ingredients. Great drinks. Zambra is in a good spot right downtown. I've had great meals there and a few so-so - same with service. Pricey. Maybe try it out for tapas and a drink at the bar.

    1. I would highly recommend Limones. Limones is the unique type of place that you need to go to when you are only visiting for a couple of days. Zambra might be a better choice for a Tapas and glass of wine at the end of the night or around happy hour.

      1. I second the Limones recs. and will put in a plug for Salsa's as well.

        1. Everybody's different. I don't really get the raves for Limones. I've been there once for lunch and once for dinner. I gave it an OK for lunch and a Pretty-good for dinner. I thought their drinks were good and creative. I know we need to try the brunch.

          Fig I like, my husband hates. The space is very nice and they know how to cook a scallop. They offer 1/2 glasses and have an interesting wine selection.

          Although Zambra can be variable, I think it's better than most places even on an off night, and absolutely the best in town except for Salsa when it's at it's best.

          Salsa is WAY better than everything else in town, IMO. My only caveat would be that it's very casual and a little loud, so if you want a relaxed, refined dinner...go to Zambra instead. Also the wine list is very limited at Salsa, I would recommend the margueritas/mojitos instead.

          Honestly, we tend to eat at Salsa if we are in town for lunch and Zambra if dinner. When we try something new, which we feel compelled to do, those are the benchmarks.

          Vincenzo I have never been to because I've never heard any particularly good reviews of it.

          1. Thanks, everybody! This has been very helpful.

            I think I read Salsa doesn't take reservations. Is there usually a long wait? We would be going there Wednesday night about 8:00, or Thursday night, or Thursday lunch.

            Do you think Salsa for lunch Thursday and Limones at night wqould be doable.....We like to eat, but are not accustomed to two major meals in a day! ;<))

            I think I'll cross off Vincenzo and Fig for this trip. That seems to be the majority opinion.

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              Salsa doesn't take reservations, but Limones does. You could probably do both in one day if you had lunch early and dinner late. (I'm not a huge eater either.)

              Please let us know what you thought...