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Oct 2, 2006 01:27 AM

Any good places to eat next Sunday night in Montgomery AL?

Driving south next Sunday and staying the night in Montgomery. Unfortunatly, the Jubilee Seafood Co. isn't open Sundays. What else is there? Thanks.

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  1. Anybody heard of Igor's Oystor Bar on Eastern Blvd? I just found it online. Sounds interesting, and it's open on Sundays.

    1. I now know why I got no replies to this query. Montgomery is such a sad place. The city mandarins apparently decided a long time ago to level any and all neighborhoods downtown and replace them with something big and shiny. There is one block that the bulldozer missed and that the city is promoting to tourists as "Old Alabama Town". We drove all around town and never saw any area that had any street life to it. You never feel like there is a part of town that is uniquely Montgomery. Very, very sad.
      By the way, we ate at Red Lobster.

      1. Sorry I didn't seeyour post earlier. I had a wonderful meal at Siam Kitchen in Montgomery, AL. Very tasty food, some out of the ordinary dises, and very reasonable prices. Other than that I agree, not a good eating town.

        1. This post is three weeks late. But hopefully someone in the future will find this helpful.

          Sunday nights you are relegated to Ala Thai on Federal Drive (they are moving soon, so call first 334-262-5830), Kabuki Japanese, Street Cafe (Japanese), Aranang Korean (there are four Korean Restaurants in Montgomery but I don't know their names)

          For burgers, Bud's (same owner as Jubilee Seafood) does a very good "kobe" burger. Sinclair's offers decent American Food. Both are in the Cloverdale neighborhood.

          Montgomery is a very sad town. Almost all restaurants are chains. The southern cooking restaurants have lost most of the charm they once had, and almost always serve canned or frozen food full of processed fat.

          If you are ever back in Montgomery on a weekday or weekend night Cloverdale is the best bet for a good, local meal. Jubilee has some of the best seafood I have ever had. El Rey's serves California -style Mexican food. Fresh produce and meats, nothing fried and a great patio for margaritas. Tomatinos Pizza and Cafe Louisa have new owners. I have heard the quality and consistancy went down a little but haven't been since I moved away. Same goes for The Vintage Year. Once one of the best restaurants in the south it has new owners and I heard hit a few bumps.

          Sorry you had to eat at Red Lobster