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Oct 2, 2006 01:08 AM

Tasty, "meaty and substantial" dinner for chilly autumn night on the west side?

What would you say meets this criteria, between perhaps Hermosa Beach to the south and Pacific Palisades to the north, on the west side?

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  1. Chez Jay
    Via Veneto
    Chaya Venice
    Buffalo Club
    James Beach

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    1. re: yogachik

      Thank you - will try some of those another time!

    2. Warszawa! It's a Polish restaurant on Lincoln just s. of Santa Monica Blvd. Very meaty and good (do a search on the board for other recs.) The plums wrapped in bacon are an excellent appetizer. I had some sort of hunter's stew for a main course that was delicious and very autumn like. The restaurant is in an old house, which makes it feel nice and cozy, you sit in the various rooms. I can't remember if there's a fireplace, or if it's just so cozy it seemed like there was a fire place. I came across Warszawa when I wanted to take my 1/2 Polish-american husband out for a birthday dinner, he loved it. It really is an underrated gem.

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        This is indeed where we ended up. I had the duckling, which was well-flavored with apples and plums/prunes... not juicy, but if you like baked/broiled duck, it was prepared nicely. The raw beef appetizer was good (filet mignon) but would pass next time. Dining partner had the pea soup (great) and a nicely flavored beef stroganoff. The bison grass vodka is strong (but I'm a wuss) - would not get that again. There will be a next time and I think that will be whenever borscht seems like it needs to be done. Very much like Thanksgiving dinner... go there when you want homey food.

      2. Josie - meaty, substantial.

        Looks like I was too late with the recommendation.

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          But there will be other chilly fall nights.