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Tasty, "meaty and substantial" dinner for chilly autumn night on the west side?

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What would you say meets this criteria, between perhaps Hermosa Beach to the south and Pacific Palisades to the north, on the west side?

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  1. Chez Jay
    Via Veneto
    Chaya Venice
    Buffalo Club
    James Beach

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      Thank you - will try some of those another time!

    2. Warszawa! It's a Polish restaurant on Lincoln just s. of Santa Monica Blvd. Very meaty and good (do a search on the board for other recs.) The plums wrapped in bacon are an excellent appetizer. I had some sort of hunter's stew for a main course that was delicious and very autumn like. The restaurant is in an old house, which makes it feel nice and cozy, you sit in the various rooms. I can't remember if there's a fireplace, or if it's just so cozy it seemed like there was a fire place. I came across Warszawa when I wanted to take my 1/2 Polish-american husband out for a birthday dinner, he loved it. It really is an underrated gem.

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        This is indeed where we ended up. I had the duckling, which was well-flavored with apples and plums/prunes... not juicy, but if you like baked/broiled duck, it was prepared nicely. The raw beef appetizer was good (filet mignon) but would pass next time. Dining partner had the pea soup (great) and a nicely flavored beef stroganoff. The bison grass vodka is strong (but I'm a wuss) - would not get that again. There will be a next time and I think that will be whenever borscht seems like it needs to be done. Very much like Thanksgiving dinner... go there when you want homey food.

      2. Josie - meaty, substantial.

        Looks like I was too late with the recommendation.

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          But there will be other chilly fall nights.