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Oct 2, 2006 12:57 AM

Help, Please! Need Meeting Address

A friend from Hemet and I from Monrovia, want to meet at the interchange of the 57/60. I recall a McDonalds there (used to stop for coffee on my way to the desert) and other restaurants nearby.

We want to meet at that McDonalds and go to a restaurant nearby since neither of us know the area. Do any of you know the address of the MdDonalds? Any suggestions on nearby restaurants?

Thanks in Advance!!

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  1. Well, there is a McDonalds on the 60 Fwy at Brea Canyon just west of the 57 on the south side of the freeway, and there is also one on Diamond Bar Blvd. just off the 60 on the east side of the 57.
    Do not know dining options out there.

    1. McDonalds
      205 S Diamond Bar Blvd
      Diamond Bar, CA 91765
      (909) 861-2624

      1. Thanks, carter and monku. The McD's I'm remembering is the one on the east side of the 57.

        1. We really like Asian Deli, which is an Indonesian restaurant. Not fancy at all, but great food for very little cash. Do a search under that name to get some ideas of how others have rated it. (I think Dommy! liked it too.) I believe they are closed on Mondays, but call and they'll tell you. Palomino is the first street to the east of the 57, and they are just a bit north of Diamond Bar Blvd, on the west side of Palomino, in the same strip mall as a Montessori and a Sizzler, as I recall.

          Asian Deli
          23545 Palomino Drive Suite F, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
          (909) 861-1427

          1. Oops. Palomino is the first street to the East of the *60* freeway, off of Diamond Bar. Sorry, forgot which one was which.