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Oct 2, 2006 12:44 AM

Winston-Salem Brunch

Going to W-S next Sunday for opera at 2 downtown. Any suggestions for brunch?

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  1. That is a tough one. Most places downtown will be closed except for hotels. The hotels at cherry marshall and fifth has a brunch I believe as does the hawthorne inn though I have been to neither.

    Cats Corner(, in the same block at the Stevens Center is the only place that I can think of. Try for more restaurant times.

    1. Mary's Of Course. I don't know if Michael's on Fifth is still open for brunch, but they used to be. I think Sixth and Vine on Trade St. does brunch, too.

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        Unfortunately, 6th & Vine is not open on Sunday. Cat's Corner and Mary's are good, although very casual. I'm stumped as to offer another suggestion...

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          Michael's has not been anything special in a long time

        2. What about the Zevely House? I have yet to try it, but I've gotten good feedback concerning their dinner.

          1. Try Lucky 32 on Stratford Rd.
            Village Tavern, Both Locations

            1. By coincidence, I happened to be in W-S for an auction yesterday in downtown. I've only been to W-S once before and did't know my way around downtown. We stumbled across Camel City Cafe by the Embassy Suites in downtown. They have a brunch menu. I went for the blackened shrimp on red beans and rice and my friend had french toast with anduille sausage. Mine was a nice meal and his looked great and was reportedly delicious. The prices are pretty reasonable for a city at or around $10 per person unless you went for a large chunk of meat as one would expect. We enjoyed our brunch there.