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Oct 1, 2006 11:59 PM

Sushi in Williamsburg

Could someone reccomend a restaurant in Williamsburg that has good sushi. I have been going to Samurai which is good but looking for a little more atmosphere... I know there is another sushi place right on that block too that I never tried... also open to seafood restaurant in general beyond Marlowe...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Both places are really pretty awful. There is no good sushi in Williamsburg, and, in fact, very little good sushi anywhere in the outer boroughs (the only really decent one I know of is Taro in Park Slope). Fortunately, W-Burg is very close to Manhattan, and therefore to good sushi and other Japanese food.

      1. miyako (on the corner of 6th and berry) is quite good. i've been going there for years and think that for the price, its some of the better quality you will find in the city.

        1. I'll admit that I would have never thought to order sushi at Miyako. I always thought of them as a just kinda OK Korean Japanese-style noodle joint. Maybe I'll try it next time I'm there, although I am always a bit leery about non-Japanese sushi places.

          1. Stay away. Stay very away. I have never had a single good thing to say about any of the places in Williamsburg that serve any sort of raw or barely cooked fish in a Japanese style. I can second Taro in the N. Slope. Blue Ribbon used to be good, but the last trip we made there, we paid dearly, and were disgusted. We will never go back. L Train to the city for Sushi Sen Nin, just reopened in the E. 30'S. If there was such a thing as bargain sushi, this place beats all others, and any expectations for high end raw fish, without the frills, and without the bank acct.-draining bill.