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Oct 1, 2006 11:55 PM

What to do with all of this eggplant?

My garden is all of a sudden producing more eggplant then I can keep up with. I have already made eggplant parm. and ratatouille. What else can I do with it? Can I stuff some of it with something?

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  1. You can make Baba Ghanoush(Sp?)

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        Oh boy,
        Where do I even begin!? Has anyone made any of these recipes??

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          I think the one listed as "best eggplant dish ever" is actually stolen from Madhur Jaffrey. It involves a chickpea-tomato sauce and a yogurt sauce. I have made that one, it is really good.

      2. moussaka, or cheat and just stuff the halved aubergines. Cheats version, halve lengthwise, cut in to flesh side (Don't go all the way through - just kind of criss-cross), shallow fry in oil, top with bolognese type sauce, top that with bechamel (I add an egg to mine at the last minute and it gives a great flavour, moussey texture and nice crust), bake. You people are making me hungry.

        Or caviar, halve but keep stalky bit holding together, add whole crushed garlic, sprig of rosemary, season (can't remember if I pour over a slug of olive oil or not), form back to an aubergine. Bake until soft, remover flavourings, scoop out flesh, blitz. Use as dip or soft aubergine stuffing, or aubergine based pasta sauce (add cream etc). If it's very wet you can gently cook it on the hob to dry it a bit. Just don't whatever you do leave the frying pan on the hob and go to answer the phone, trust me the house doesn't smell the same for days!

        1. Make Baingan (Baigan, Baingen) Bharta, a Hindi eggplant dish:


          It's addictively delicious, and very easy to make.

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            Brilliant with fat-laden meat. Combination of vinegar and fat very traditional in south of Italy.