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Oct 1, 2006 11:49 PM

Wines aged in steel?

My brother is allergic to something in the aging process of wine. We narrowed it down to whites being drinkable (he's also allergic to the histamines in reds) but even with whites he was hit or miss with having an allergic reaction (red neck and face, flushed feeling). At a winery it was suggested to us that he might be allergic to something in the casks and that he might try steel aged wines. So far that's worked like a charm but he's really limited.

What I would like to do for his birthday is find him some really great white wines (that I can ship) that are aged in steel and give him as much a variety as he can get, under the circumstances.....can you help? Thanks!!

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  1. There are dozens of wines from New Zealand labeled "Un-Oaked". many, but not all, Sauvignon Blancs are fermented in Stainless Steel as well. See a reputable wine merchant.

    1. Chablis (a white Burgundy) is generally not aged in oak. There are some great ones out there. I'm a fan of Verget on the low end.

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        Some Chablis are not aged in oak, many are. Try Domaine Louis Michel for one that never sees oak.

        Verget on the low end? He's pretty pricey.

      2. Morgan Metallico Chardonnay - fantastic, crisp love it!!Reasonable $$

        Melville Inox Chardonnay very good.

        1. Justin Sauvignon Blanc is another great one.

          1. At Verget, while the AC Chablis are tank fermented, all 1er Cru and Grand Cru are barrel fermented and aged.