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Oct 1, 2006 11:33 PM

Copley Area w/kids

Am off to Boston for a conference-11,000 cops. Not only is it a bad week to be a criminal in Boston, I expect steakhouses and tittie bars to be jam packed. Am taking wife and kiddo, so was wondering what places in downtown are good, kid friendly, and unlikely to be packed with meat-head police chiefs. Would love to find decent Mexican nearby, but realize it's Boston, not Austin. Will be staying at the Copley Marriott.

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  1. With that many attendees you'll want to venture a little further from the Copley area---every place will be packed. Summer Shack, a raw bar and fried seafood joint, would be good for the fam, but that place will surely be swamped and it's not the greatest restaurant.

    Venturing to the South End or Chinatown may be better ideas, both areas are walkable or short T rides from Copley.

    Orinoco in the South End has Venezuelan food and friendly prices, would be a good family option earlier in the evening.

    I'd recommend Penang in Chinatown, the other good spots, such as King Fung Garden, are a little less kid-friendly unless your child is very adventurous.

    You could take a short cab ride, or semi-long walk, to one of the city's better Italian spots, Trattoria Toscana, which has great food, great prices, and is kid-friendly.

    The Mexican options downtown are totally unimpressive, I wouldn't bother.

    1. If it's the IACP conference, that's being held over in the Seaport area, so you could probably eat around Copley, and Summer Shack is worth a try. Durgin Park in Quincy Market is good too.

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        My bad. If the convention was at Hynes, you'd want to eat outside of Copley.

      2. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square is a favorite on here, ('bout a $7.00 cab ride, 15 minute walk) is nice as you'll eat well, not spend too much and can bring a kid.

        Petit Robert, (one in Kenmore and one in the SE) is a favorite of mine and has received very mixed reviews on here, would be another spot. Again, $15.00 main courses, family friendly(er), nice ambiance, great food.