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Oct 1, 2006 11:29 PM

Food carts near 38th and 8th at all?

There are so many good food carts in the 50's and a few avenues east of me, but that's a pain for me to get to from where I work. Does anyone know if there are any good food carts in the area of 38th and 8th-ish? Or the Times Sq or Penn Station area?

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  1. You may look over this site to see if food carts are included.

    They do have a cart area on this blog, and you can further define by area, street, location, etc.

    This from 2004:

    Find a link to the latest Vendy Awards, and try a google of street food or food carts in NYC.

    Sorry I cannot be specific about the best.

    1. Also check out..

      Search by neighborhood, some are rated, some not.

      1. I like the Halal cart on 40th and 7th

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        1. re: lolabelle

          Agreed, this is my choice for nearby halal cart food.


        2. Isn't there a Daisy Mae cart Bway and 39th?