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Oct 1, 2006 10:57 PM

Is North Pond Dependable?

I am planning a once in a life-time party for 10 on a Saturday night and want the food to be as special as the price and the setting. I am interested in North Pond but am concerned as it has had some negative comments. A restaurant gets these ratings but I would like to minimize the possibility of any surprises and/or "bad nights"
Please Advise.

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  1. I can say only great things about North Pond Cafe. I can't imagine the experience to be any less than perfect.

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    1. re: YoYoPedro

      Thanks for the supporting comment.
      I did have a big party there with Pheasant so tough you couldn't chew it.
      My other experiences were always top drawer. Maybe it was a "fowl" time?!

    2. A few months ago I called for a party of 8 at North Pond. They would only offer 5:30 over very late (this was a policy, not something about that evening) and also you had to have a pre set menu. So, call before getting your heart set on this.


      1. We ate there only once and have not returned. Despite having many open, set tables (that remained open for the evening), the reception desk made a big deal of making us wait in the bar while they looked for a table for us (we had a reservation, but had called ahead that we were stuck in traffic, resulting in being 15 minutes late). There was no table for us available in the area with the great views. The food was good, but not better than other restaurants without the attitude.

        1. I've been there 6 or 7 times and had nothing but postive experiences, from the service to the food. It's my favorite place in Chicago, and have heartily reccomended it to anyone looking for a place to have a special occassion. Further, I've held a larger dinner (10 people) there, and encountered no such policy as mentioned above.

          1. How is the brunch at North pond?

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              I just had brunch last weekend at North Pond and it was not impressive. The positives: the space, location and the alcohol. The menu seems beautiful and describes the food so that it MUST be the best in Chicago. However, the portions were miniscule and the food was not that special. I ordered the salmon dish, which was a small piece of fishy lox and undercooked rice, the pancakes, which were bland with a little boring apple compote, and melon for dessert, blah. My friend ordered the walla walla soup, which tasted too salty and looked like puke, and the roasted pork which had the consistency of bologna. Unforunately our bill was about $200 for three people-for freaking brunch!!!