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Korean Food in Seattle?

Anyone have a good recommendation for Korean restaurants in Seattle?

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  1. I really like Hanami, in a shopping center, in Mukilteo, 25 minutes north of Seattle. It has Japanese and Korea dishes. Try the lunch bento with bulgogi. Also a tasty spicey chicken. 11811 Mukilteo Speedway - Suite 109.
    Phone: (425) 348-4646

    1. The city of Seattle itself doesn't have very good Korean food. You'll have to drive either south to Federal Way or north to Lynnwood and Edmonds, all of which have larger numbers of Korean residents. These three restaurants are excellent:

      1. Mirak, 31260 Pacific Hwy S Ste 1, Federal Way, 253-839-6522.
      Very good all around.

      2. Kawon Restaurant, 15004 Highway 99, Lynnwood, (425)787-3214.
      Probably my favorite in the area. Best known for samgulsal, which is thinly sliced pork cooked on a convex iron skillet at your table.

      3. BCD Tofu House, 22511 Highway 99 #102, Edmonds, 425-670-6757. A restaurant specializing in soon-dubu, soft tofu stew. Excellent and open late. The tofu salad is also surprisingly good (and very large).

      Have a great visit.

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        What's the difference between this BCD which is in the 99 Ranch shopping center, and the tofu place a couple blocks south on 99?

        The soft tofu stew is an interesting meal, starting with the usual condiments, then the rice cooked in stone bowls, the stew itself, and finaly the 'rice tea'. I'll have to try the salad.

        I bought an inexpensive porcelain convex gridle at one of the Korean groceries in north Lynnwood. It works pretty well for grilling thin cut pork (or other meat) at the table.

        Before 99 Ranch openned, the Korean owned groceries were the best source for Asian ingredients in the Lynnwood/Edmonds area. For some items they are still better, though Ranch is has broader Asian coverage.


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          I've only been to the BCD Tofu House in the 99 Ranch shopping center so I don't know what the tofu place down the street is like. I understand that BCD is a juggernaut with a host of locations in southern California, several in Korea, and one in Japan. If you go to the other place, I'd love to hear how it is (and I'll do likewise).

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          Had some really rude service at KaWon, won't be going back. We left and went to Hosoonyi.

        3. Happyharriston is wrong, both Old Village and Four Seasons in Shoreline are very good, Four Seasons used to be the only place you could get gopjang gui.

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            I think Old Village and Four Seasons are just okay. There's no comparison.

          2. So what's the word on Hosoonyi?

            1. Never had a bad meal at hosoonyi. It gets packed though so be prepared to wait. By the time you're eating you won't remember how long it was anyway. Servers are slow in refilling water also.

              BCD Tofu is good too. I'll have to try the Tofu salad next time. The restaurant across it is Secret Garden. You can order your kalbi or bulgogi and cook it on the grill at your table. Your server guides you through everything you're eating very nicely. She'll pretty much turns the meat for you as you sample each dish of kimchee, soup and salad. Don't know if it's traditional to serve lettuce leaves to wrap with the meat, but they do so at Secret Garden. Last I heard the restaurant changed owners so the menu may be changing. Our server seemed enthused. They open late, till 10 I believe.

              1. absolutely agree with hoosoonyi recommendations.

                re: kawon. my friends and i made pilgrimage up there on a weekday night only to find it closed with this tragic, random, and very specific explanation: "we will be close the second and fourth tuesday of every month." just so you're aware.

                if you don't want to make the trip all the way up aurora, shilla on denny way is fine--nothing spectacular, but fine. also: kimichi bistro, tucked in the back of the broadway alley mall, is great for lunch (specifically the hot stone bi bim bop and soon doo boo).

                1. hoosonyi is known for it's hot pot soups (soon doo boo?). seafood pancake is a bit oily but delicious. there is a dish with fish, tofu, scallions and a spicy sauce that is wonderful! you will see a lot of people ordering it, and you can ask your server what it is. the little dishes (panchan?)that accompany the meals are some of the best you can find at any restaurant around seattle. i have yet to try mirak in fed way or kawon yet. bcd tofu house is pretty good...i love the rice they serve there! a bonus that it's open 24 hours. :)

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                    On our last trip to Ranch 99 (2 days ago) it appeared that BCD is no longer BCD...there's a new sign--in Korean I think, and only a few folks inside at lunchtime. We had just come from Hoosoonyi where the Soon Doo Boo (pork with kimchi) was great as always.

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                      i love hosoonyi for their soondooboo, spicy pork bulgogi, and maeuntang. i think their location in tacoma is slightly better than the one in edmonds.

                      i also like a korean owned japanese restaurant on pacific hwy called akasaka that does a great haemul jungol - seafood hotpot - that is just out of this world. :o)

                      there's also a korean owned chinese place in tacoma (the name escapes me) that does the most amazing chajangmyun with hand made noodles for only $3.99 for a monster serving.