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Oct 1, 2006 10:06 PM

Just returned from DC ate at Zaytinya, Ray's the classics, Jaleo, Komi, Restaurant Eve, Smith & Wollensky., American Indian Museum, La Tasca, Tony & Joe's, Bancok Joe's, Chinatown Express

Zaytinya and Ray's the Classics, La Tasca (sagria tinta really good), Bankok Joes, Chinatown Express and American Indian Museum all good or great. Jaleo, Restaurant Eve (lunch), Smith & Wollensky, Komi, T & J's all disappointing especially Restaurant Eve and Komi because I had high expectations. If you are interested in my personal opinion to help you make a decision about a restaurant, I'll be happy to reply. If you are just going to berate me for having a different experience than yours, I don't see any point in answering. I know that sounds defensive but I've been berated in the past so I thought I'd just throw that out there. And yes, I gained 5 pounds despite walking about 10 miles a day.

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  1. If there's no debate (or as you call it "berate"), what's the point? You only want "yes, you're right" replies? This would be a boring place if we were all "yes men/women."

    You have a right to your opinion as we do ours. I happen to agree with you on Zatinya and American Indian, but disagree with you on Eve and Jaleo. I think Eve is incredible, though I've only been once. Perhaps you were there on an off night or perhaps it's just not for you, which is completely fine.

    1. I'm sorry you've been berated in the past, but now that you've warned us I'd really love to know a little more about what you thought aside from a thumbs up or thumbs down. Plus I'm not sure what T and J's is!

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      1. Weirdest post ever. I disagree with you on every restaurant I've been to on that list. I think Jaleo is delicious and far better than Tasca, and better than Zaytinya. I think the food at the American Indian Museum is icky in an interesting, exotic way. Haven't been to the others, wouldn't have replied but for the weirdness.

        1. Tell me what you didn't like about Jaleo and Eve? I'm interested.

          1. yes...please tell us what you didnt like about Jaleo...was it the touristy feel, the long wait for a table, the "yesterday's wine" sangria, poor service, or average "innovation-to-price ratio" plates?