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Oct 1, 2006 10:05 PM

East Coast Grill Recs?

Hounds - I'm headed to Inman Sq. for a friend's birthday celebration. I seem to remember some negative things said about ECG on this board in the past, but since I'm going what should I opt for?

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  1. Stay away from the more expensive cuts of steak and everything is great. My favs are the brisket, any fish, and be sure to try the ribs (you can get a 1 bone sample for a couple bucks) and the plantains with mango chutney.

    And if you get the chance to go for brunch, the duck rellenas are one of the best dishes I've ever had.

    1. Fish Tacos. Wet Bones.

      1. I really liked the tuna sausage dumplings from the blackboard menu a week or so ago.

        1. Hm, not sure what you're thinking of, because if you just use the search engine to look for ECG posts you'll mostly find oodles of highly positive reports.

          1. I love, love, love ECG, but find that the appetizers make me happier than the entrees. The tuna tacos, the aforementioned dumplings, the by-the-bone ribs, the buffalo shrimp, the fried fish tacos (when they have them). You just can't go wrong. I also love their burnt ends sandwich. My typical meal there nowadays is 2-3 appetizers, or an appetizer and the burnt ends sandwich.

            They also recently changed their beer-on-tap selection, and other than the fact that they've added Miller Lite, they now have some more interesting selections, including a seasonal Pumpkin Ale (I don't think that it's really made with pumpkin!) that I tried last night and really enjoyed.

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              What he said. Seriously, that's a little scary since it's my exact ordering strategy. Absolutely the best non-special I've had there is the tuna tacos. Sometimes I'm tempted to get two orders.