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Oct 1, 2006 09:35 PM

Flower Mound/Lewisville/Grapevine - Looking for non-Starbucks coffee

I'm needing good espresso and a change of surroundings. I like supporting independant coffee shops but there seem to be none here. I'm not one of those anti-corporate Starbucks haters - I enjoy most of their drip coffee - but I can not stand their espresso. Any good recs?

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  1. There's a place is Grapevine, on Mainstreet. I think it's called "Espresso, etc." Is that a chain too?


    1. I remember fondly the Coffee Connoisseur that was at 407 & Highland Village road. It was where I was first introduced to espresso-based drinks via the Mocha. My Dad and I used to have bagel & coffee there a couple of mornings a week. I also remember sitting on their couch with my first girlfriend and playing board games...

      I don't think would have the same nostalgia if we had been going to a Starbucks or any other homogenized franchise.

      Bring back the indies!

      If you ever make it out to Dallas, there is an excellent indie coffee shop on Lower Greenville called Gachet.

      1. The original comment has been removed