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Flower Mound/Lewisville/Grapevine - Looking for non-Starbucks coffee

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I'm needing good espresso and a change of surroundings. I like supporting independant coffee shops but there seem to be none here. I'm not one of those anti-corporate Starbucks haters - I enjoy most of their drip coffee - but I can not stand their espresso. Any good recs?

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  1. There's a place is Grapevine, on Mainstreet. I think it's called "Espresso, etc." Is that a chain too?


    1. I remember fondly the Coffee Connoisseur that was at 407 & Highland Village road. It was where I was first introduced to espresso-based drinks via the Mocha. My Dad and I used to have bagel & coffee there a couple of mornings a week. I also remember sitting on their couch with my first girlfriend and playing board games...

      I don't think would have the same nostalgia if we had been going to a Starbucks or any other homogenized franchise.

      Bring back the indies!

      If you ever make it out to Dallas, there is an excellent indie coffee shop on Lower Greenville called Gachet.