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Oct 1, 2006 09:19 PM

I made a vacherin! Pictures incuded

Hope these pictures turn out, first time I've posted pictures. This was a neat experience, I mostly cook and don't bake at all, but thought this would be a neat challenge...will be tasting it for dessert so can't wait for that, either. The "cake" of this cake is an eggwhite mixture, piped, baked and cooled...when the whipped cream is added to the layers, the layers get softer I am noticing as they absorb moisture from the cream. Sorry for the long links w/ the pix. Anyone else make one of these before?

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  1. It looks picturebook perfect and delicious too.

    1. Wow- great job!
      I need to take a break from this site- just started training for for a 1/2 marathon. Pictures like that are bad for me :)

      1. A-HA! It's a highrise Pavlova!

        Not something I'd ever make, unless by very special request (or challenge!), but - as was the case with the Pavlova - I suspect it would be ridiculously delicious. Very pretty, too.

        1. Thanks all so much - couldn't wait to post pix for my chowhounds. Sometimes I just like to challenge myself and try something different.

          1. Oh it looks BEAUTIFUL! My mouth is watering. Mind if I ask how long it took you start to finish? Something like that looks like it would take me a week or so!