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Oct 1, 2006 09:18 PM

b+b oysters with child?

so cookie magazine mentioned b+b as a great place to bring your kids. anyone tried it (with kids)? how was the food? I used to love to go after work before baby but I'm still afraid to go with my toddler.

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  1. You mean B & G? I wouldn't take a kid there. I don't have any, but it just doesn't feel bustling enough for you to fly under the radar, unless the toddler is really sedate. (I'm not a hater -- this from a gal whose chowmom took her absolutely *everywhere* but it was understood that one false move and she'd be duckwalked out of the place, regardless of the inconvenience for the adults. Made me adapt at an early age to "grownup" places, and have a taste for "grownup food".)

    I bet people could steer you to a better option downtown for you and your toddler.

    1. I have seen a family with two young girls eat at B&G. They were all dressed up and beautifully behaved, like little dolls. That being said, I don't know how much fun it was for them. And I don't know that I'd bring my kids there, even though they've grown up behaving well in "grown-up" restaurants. Flame suit zipping up here, but I can see some guests resenting the presence of children in their adult haven. To be honest, when I went, even I was grateful to be in a place that so obviously was geared towards grownups since there are so many other places that are family friendly.

      I'd choose somewhere else and save B&G for a night when you have a sitter.

      1. Definitely NOT a place for a toddler.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I agree - definitely not a "kid friendly" place. There are plenty of restaurants in Boston, even nicer, non-chain restaurants that are fine for children. B&G is not one of them.