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Oct 1, 2006 09:02 PM

No. 9 Park - Disappointing birthday dinner....

I had heard so much about No.9 Park being one of the top restaurants in Boston that I was thrilled to be going on September 21.
Our party of 4 had dinner reservations in the dining room and it was a very uneven experience.
First,the positives. The service was outstanding, discreet, and unobtrusive but always right there when they were needed. And they were most pleasant with my husband who can be a trifle demanding...
My dinner, the beef tenderloin was excellent. My son-in-law loved his lamb en croute. He said he had only had better at a luxury resort in Mexico.
My husband had the duck duet(duck leg and rare breast) which was just ordinary and only lukewarm. My daughter(not an adventerous eater) had the cod which was definetly past its prime. You could smell a "fishy" odor as it was served and it did not taste fresh.
We also shared the "heirloom" tomato salad and the fusilli pasta. The portions were quite small and the flavors bland and boring. The pasta again was only lukewarm.
And where were the vegetables? There were a few paper thin slices of zucchini and a few brown lentils and that was it. Please, at least offer some vegetables al a carte if you do not want to include them!
We did not stay for dessert but the cheese tray looked wonderful. The cocktails were also great.
No.9 Park seems to be one of those restaurants that has passed its prime.

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  1. so sad! #9 is a standby for an outstanding night out

    1. IMHO: If you want a great meal at No. 9 then it is imperative that you order the Tasting Menu.

      1. I must have been there with you. I have tried No. 9 park over the years on a number of occasions and my experiences have all been similar to yours, a few really bright spots, a few real dissappointments and a lot of mediocrity in the middle. I had lunch there last week and was so hungry when I left due to the small portion size that I went and got a sandwich. I read all the glowing reviews and at least once every 18 months or so feel compelled to go back, so far with the same result. However, I tried the Butcher Shop in the South End and had a wonderful experience. Go figure.