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Oct 1, 2006 08:17 PM

Naples, Capri & Pisa - Lunch

Can anyone make resto recs for these 3 cities?

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  1. I know you want a lunch rec, but I did have one of the best gelatos in Capri, right next to the Ferragamo Store. There are about 4 or 5 Ferragamo stores, but this gelateria is right in the middle and they make their own waffles there. oh my gosh my mouth is watering. I had the choc/vanilla/almonds gelato and it was to die for.
    yummy! their sandwiches and pastries inside were really good too. they have a bar where u can sit and eat.enjoy and please report back.

    1. rent a boat, cruise the island, anchor with the locals and swim. be sure to take take wine and snacks, or else swim ashore for lunch overlooking bay(loads of fun). when return boat, have sundowners and scampi pizza or mozz, ricotta, ham, egg calzone at harbor. ingredient quality is apparent. lo zodiaco at marina grande capri, comfy wicker furniture with yellow tablecloths, maybe 200yds past tram. another small ristorante is past the shopping, small place on an overlook of marina grande. it's pretty good walk from hustle and bustle, can't remember name, but had great overlook, decent food, tons of atmosphere. away from most datrippers. ischia would be nice side trip. enjoy.

      1. Pizza at Da Michele in Naples was wonderful. go early to avoid a long line

        1. When you go to Capri try going up to Anacapri. It's above Capri and doesn't get the tourist traffic that Capri does. There a quite a few little places there that were nice (10 years ago) when I was there last and the people up there are so friendly and happy to see tourists they don't have the same feel as the people in Capri. As far as specific names I'm sorry it was too long ago. Try to find a place that makes their own Lemoncello.

          1. We just returned from Naples, and while the restaurants are fine, some of the best food is street food. Try that for lunch. You can get the most awesome pizzas for next to nothing, and fried snacks -- rice balls, breaded eggplant slices, balls of dough -- that are fresh, tasty and cheap. In and around Naples, any sandwiches with buffalo mozzarella or provola fresca will satisfy you for lunch. And don't forget the babas and other pastries, also available from street stalls.