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Oct 1, 2006 07:36 PM

Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

What are the best local stores or chains for tasty subs (hoagie-style)

I have heard about the Italian Store, but i live in wheaton-- too far to go regularly.

I'm looking for good turkey subs, italian, etc.

i realize some of these suggestions aren't exactly chow-worthy, but if you've tried them, please comment. thanks:
BTW- rockville, bethesda, silver spring, college park, gaithersburg, columbia and nw dc preferred!

1. Marcone's (Wheaton)
2. Jerry's Subs and Pizza (are their subs any good?)
3. Manny and Olgas
4. Pizza Bolis
5. Giuseppis (rockville)
6. Local delis?

Even chains?
Potbelly's (i've tried them and they are good, but a bit small)


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  1. Marcone's is ok. Santucci's in four corners is ok. I don't find either of them to be especially compelling, though. Everything I've had at Jerry's has been appalling. Can't really comment on the others.

    Last year I had a fantastic sandwich with bresaola at a tiny Italian deli in Schenectady, NY (I think it was called Civitello's). I still dream about that sandwich -- wish I knew where I could find its equivalent around here.

    1. I've found Manny and Olga's to be perfectly awful no matter what I have ordered. I seem to recall a year or two ago on the board someone said that one of their outposts was better than the others, but don't recall which.

      1. NY Deli (20th Street between K and L in DC) has a fantastic Italian hoagie; its big enough for a linebacker yet priced reasonably enough for a kicker. Good helping of meats and plenty of dressing. It's my favorite sandwich in the area.

        1. In general I'm not a big fan of sub/sandwiches. However, I've recently had some very good sandwiches at Panera, which is surprising since I usually don't have high expectations at chains. I found their bread to be very good and full or flavor with nice texture.

          1. Not in your preferred area, but:

            Mangialardo's, 13th and Pennsylvania SE.

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                You want the G-Man Sub: genoa salami, provolone, baked ham, cappicola, italian seasonings, hot/sweet peppers, on a soft Baltimore baked sub roll. They've got hard rolls as well.

                If you're REALLY hungry, opt for the Super-G: double the amount of everything.

                1. re: alopez

                  Yep, the G-Man, and the regular cold cut is also excellent. Just be sure to get the hard roll.