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Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

What are the best local stores or chains for tasty subs (hoagie-style)

I have heard about the Italian Store, but i live in wheaton-- too far to go regularly.

I'm looking for good turkey subs, italian, etc.

i realize some of these suggestions aren't exactly chow-worthy, but if you've tried them, please comment. thanks:
BTW- rockville, bethesda, silver spring, college park, gaithersburg, columbia and nw dc preferred!

1. Marcone's (Wheaton)
2. Jerry's Subs and Pizza (are their subs any good?)
3. Manny and Olgas
4. Pizza Bolis
5. Giuseppis (rockville)
6. Local delis?

Even chains?
Potbelly's (i've tried them and they are good, but a bit small)


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  1. Marcone's is ok. Santucci's in four corners is ok. I don't find either of them to be especially compelling, though. Everything I've had at Jerry's has been appalling. Can't really comment on the others.

    Last year I had a fantastic sandwich with bresaola at a tiny Italian deli in Schenectady, NY (I think it was called Civitello's). I still dream about that sandwich -- wish I knew where I could find its equivalent around here.

    1. I've found Manny and Olga's to be perfectly awful no matter what I have ordered. I seem to recall a year or two ago on the board someone said that one of their outposts was better than the others, but don't recall which.

      1. NY Deli (20th Street between K and L in DC) has a fantastic Italian hoagie; its big enough for a linebacker yet priced reasonably enough for a kicker. Good helping of meats and plenty of dressing. It's my favorite sandwich in the area.

        1. In general I'm not a big fan of sub/sandwiches. However, I've recently had some very good sandwiches at Panera, which is surprising since I usually don't have high expectations at chains. I found their bread to be very good and full or flavor with nice texture.

          1. Not in your preferred area, but:

            Mangialardo's, 13th and Pennsylvania SE.

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                You want the G-Man Sub: genoa salami, provolone, baked ham, cappicola, italian seasonings, hot/sweet peppers, on a soft Baltimore baked sub roll. They've got hard rolls as well.

                If you're REALLY hungry, opt for the Super-G: double the amount of everything.

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                  Yep, the G-Man, and the regular cold cut is also excellent. Just be sure to get the hard roll.

              2. Also not in your preferred area, but The Deli in Herndon blows doors off of Italian Store - especially since the latter won't figure out that they have any clientele and staff for it.

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                  I have no idea what this means. Can you please translate this into english?

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                    So the Italian Store has lines 10-20 deep with regularity, during regular timeframes (lunch, dinner). I saw this for the umpteenth time the other day and decided to go elsewhere (La Union, which was a great choice). Anyway, if this is so common, you'd think that they could realize this and hire even just one more person during those periods (it was 1:30ish on a Tuesday).

                    I only hear corroborating stories from friends and they too have left to go elsewhere.

                    I know there are limits to the number of people an establishment can service, but 10-20 at a shop like that should be more manageable. Somehow it's just slow and frustrating.

                2. In spite of the comment above by one responder, I find Santucci's at Four Corners to be very good. And they are close to you. They were highlighted, along with Italian Store and Mangialardo's, by Donovan Kelly (the "crummy but good" guy) as being among the top three best places in the metro area for a standard Italian sub. I have also had their steak and cheese and it was also quite fine. I doubt you'll find anything much better within a short drive from Wheaton.

                  1. I often pay a visit to 3 brothers in Greenbelt and Beltsville when I'm up in your area and have a craving for hot sandwiches.

                    I whole-heartily enjoy the Capri at the Italian store in Arlington. Sometimes you get the sandwich maker that wraps the meat neatly in the sandwich so it's a mess-free meal. I've yet to try the pizza. It's best to call ahead w/ your order to avoid the 40min wait during lunch.
                    Their sandwich prosciutto is much better than Santini's (?) at the Sterling clocktower.

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                      I agree that Santini's is a let down. If you're out at Sterling, drop down to Herndon for The Deli. My fave is the Hot Sicilian (single portion). Crazy good.

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                        I guess it begs the question, if Italian Store is so very awful, why would they need to hire more people to serve the hordes of people willing to wait for their subs?

                        I mean, I know what you mean about it being hard to deal with ... especially on a sunny weekend. I never go there unless I'm there when the place opens (and they have a ton of just-made milanos on the counter) or just before closing (9:00pm on weeknights) when they'll probably give me a free loaf of bread, too!

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                          I never said IS is bad - quite the contrary. I do personally like The Deli more, but that's my opinion. It's just that I did go to IS a lot a few years ago when I lived in Arlington and even back then they never got the process down enough or had enough staff to keep up with the crowds they attracted. I now still make it by every couple of months and they still haven't improved the processes or hired more staff.

                          And with the exception of a very few times, the size of the crowds always seemed to be in the range that they should be able to handle much better.

                    2. Lucia's on University Blvd in Wheaton has great Italian subs. The shop has been there about 30 years

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                            university Blvd. One blook east of Georgia ave. in Wheaton

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                              And a third for Lucia's. Not a sandwich that is so good that you dream about it, but better than most of the other local options.

                          2. where are santucci's and mangialardos? any local delis with good sandwiches?

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                              Santucci's is at NE corner intersection of Colesville and University.

                            2. Mangialardo's is on Pennsylvania Ave. SE, about 13th St.

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                                This may be a little too far for you but South Street Steaks in College Park makes a really good Italian hoagie...their cheesesteaks are what they are known for, and are comparable with Philly's very best but their Italian is also a great find.

                                Its on Baltimore Ave in downtown College Park.

                              2. Santucci's at Four Corners is fine as is Angelo's on Norbeck Road. I'm an old New Yorker and each of them compares favorably with Italian delis I remember from 50 years ago. At Santucci's, make sure you ask for the hard sub roll. magnificent.

                                1. Is three brothers any good? (their subs or their pizza or pasta? thanks. and are mama lucia's subs any good?

                                  i will try to check out santuccis and lucia's and the suggestion in college park. they are all reasonably close to where i live.

                                  1. I'm a fan of Mangialardo -- already mentioned a few times -- and A. Litteri in NE -- across from Galludet.

                                    1. Ok, I stopped by The Deli in Herndon today. Picked up a Mafioso (prosciutto and sopressata (sp?)). Little disappointed. #1 price, 8" sandwich is $8.95, at the IS, it's $6.69. #2, the proscuitto was not trimmed. The outer edge had unchewable pieces of dried skin rind and fat. It was nice that the meat was sliced a little thicker than normal so the flavor is more pronounced BUT the hard rind is unacceptable.
                                      The sandwich tasted like it only had oil/pepper, instead of a vinaigrette. I guess they were counting on the the drippings from the hot peppers to do that. Since it's a weekday, I ordered mine w/o hots.

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                                        I haven't had the Mafioso, but you got the double portion, hence the price. They aren't very clear on this, but you could order the same single portion and pay about the IS prices (I think a bit lower).

                                        I've not gotten any rind, I'm thinking it may be an unfortunate rarity that you got. I also always get the hot peppers, so I haven't had a "clear" of a taste as you did on the viniagrette/oil.

                                        I'm really surprised you found it empty - I think the opening of A Deli has reduced the crowds, but I go before 11:45 or after 1:15 because they often get lines to the door.

                                      2. forgot to mention. At the peak of lunch, this (The Deli) place was EMPTY

                                        1. I've had some pretty good sandwiches prepared at my local Whole Foods Market deli counter. They bill them as "european sandwiches." They are pre-made, although not pre-wrapped. However, I have always found them fresh. The sandwiches and bread are quite good and at only $5.99 each can be considered a bit of a bargain.

                                          1. What about Continental in Kensington? It's amazing how they can make such ordinary ingredients taste so good. I've only been a few times but it's yummy and always crowded. Some people get pizza though I've never tried it.

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                                              Continental is cheap, but I've found it pretty ordinary. The pizza is on the sweet side.