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Oct 1, 2006 07:11 PM

Upper West Side Recommendations?

Going out to dinner on the UWS tonight and looking for a recommendation. I NEVER really eat in that neighborhood so am a bit lost. I would like something on the cozy side - good food, not too expensive, not too formal - just yummy and comfortable!

I don't want Italian or Sushi - I have done some research and am thinking about possibly Pasha - any opinions? It sounds like it might be a bit too fancy shmantz. Is this the case? I just love Turkish and have a craving.

I welcome any ideas. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I don't know Pasha, but Turkuaz (100 and Bway) is supposed to be good, and there was a thread yesterday or today on Bello Squardo, which sounds Italian but is more middle eastern/mediterranean

    1. No, Pasha is definitely not fancy. Very much a neighborhood, family restaurant and quite good. I've had a number of dinners at both Pasha and Turkuaz, and I think they're pretty much on a par with each other. Turkuaz may be a bit cozier, just because it's darker, a bit more atmospheric, and the tables are somewhat further apart. You won't go wrong at either.

      1. Pasha's good, but you might wanna try Sven's Turkish grill that just opened on 72nd st bet columbus and amsterdam, if they still don't have their liquor lic. it's BYOB which is nice and cheap drinking, especially with a liquor store right next to them. The food is very good, and you see a bunch of other turkish people there, which is always a good sign.

        1. Sven's seems to be empty every time I pass it which is several times per day, every day b/c it's on my way to the train station. Even when I pass by on Fri. and Sat. night at dinnertime, the place is empty. I basically watched it open on Day 1 and it has just been empty.