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Oct 1, 2006 06:28 PM

What is going on at R&G Lounge?

I have liked R&G the few times I've been in the last year and a half. Good basic food, a few flourishes, but enjoyable.

In the last month, I have recommended the place to two different groups of people. Both reported that "it was one of the worst meals of their life". Chicken uncooked, rice greasy, smelly in edible s&p shrimp. Literally, each group left hungry and I, in turn, have lost significant credibility.

Has something happened I should know about? Change in hands?

Can someone recommend a place in Chinatown I can recommend for visitors to have a Cantonese experience (other than dim sum) that is a decent environment?


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  1. Hunan Homes, 622 Jackson, is good and reliable. However, it's not strictly Cantonese, as the name indicates. I think visitors would like it; ours did.

    1. We love Hunan Home's too. We have tried to get to Chef Jia since we've heard good things, but it's always closed when we're there (they're not open for weekend lunch as some websites would have you believe).

      1. I'm not so hot on Hunan Home's, but if you go there, be sure to order the tea smoked duck. It's the only dish I like there.

        Here's nja's excellent post on eating in Chinatown. He's a round-eye, btw. (g)