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Oct 1, 2006 06:15 PM

Arepa Lady? [Moved from the Manhattan board]

Where is the Arepa Lady? I keep hearing about her and I want to try it now.

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  1. Her name is Maria Piedad Cano, and she was a judge in her native Colombia until she angered one too many powerful criminals because she couldn't be bought. Forced to flee, she set up shop here. I've never seen her because she starts serving very late, near eleven PM. When she's around... and I don't know if she is... she sets up shop at the corner of Roosevelt and, I believe, 79 Street

      1. You may want to check her website to see if she is working.

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        1. re: bearzie

          from the 9/28 entry on her blog: "the arepalady is selling potatoes now. they come with the chuzos (colombian 'shish kebab') and the chorizos. Those potatoes come from local farmers and are natural - can't say organic these days. She picks them up at the green market on 34th avenue and 77th street. the chorizos (they look like sausages) are Colombian style. Closely related to Mexican and spanish chorizos but different in taste."

          Anyone tried her new offerings?

          1. re: squid kun

            Last Friday I had some arepa con queso, and some of that grilled Colombian sausage. It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to catch her...was glad she's there. The arepa was good..though not as great as I remembered, still very good. The sausage was grilled to's savory but not overly spiced...I really liked it...but only got to have one bite before it was devoured by hungry teenagers who probably needed it more than I did. But now I will have to go back and get another, soon.