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Oct 1, 2006 06:09 PM

Real Mexican Tortilla used for tacos

Iguanas Ranas makes a great taco. The owner brings in fantastic yellow corn tortillas from Mexico. He also creates his own recipes: e.g. the Jalapeno Taco is a large (seeds removed)fresh jalapeno stuffed with carne asada and raisins which is then grilled & placed in the above mentioned tortillas and topped with whatever you like.
The salsas are very interesting too. He likes to blend fruits and chiles: strawberry/habanero, mango/serrano etc.

Just a great place.
Iguanas Ranas is in the Rhino Plaza in City of Industry (corner of Valley and Hacienda) in front of spearmint Rhino.

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  1. I'm a little surprised that they import tortillas which are highly perishable. I'd love to know which state they are from.

    My favorite are the very finely ground white corn tortillas made by the Zapotecs called "blanquitos". They are very large and very thin.

    1. I just went to Iguanas Ranas, and it is fantastic.

      I love what they do to the cheese. The cook basically takes a small handful of cheese, puts it directly on the grill to form a sort of cheese pancake, and places that wonderful cheesy goodness in the taco.

      I got 3 tacos on those great, aforementioned corn tortillas:
      Jalapeno Especial (the same one mentioned above, with guacamole and grilled cheese)
      Azteca, which is chorizo, beans, guac, and that same GREAT grilled cheese
      Barbacoa, very tender beef with onions and cilantro

      The mango salsa is HOT HOT HOT (my mouth is still burning).

      In the City of Industry (I know... where?!), northwest corner of Hacienda and Valley Boulevards, next to Pizza Hut.