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Oct 1, 2006 05:59 PM

Venice Dec. 26-30

I will be staying with my wife and 2 daughters just behind
Piazza San Marco.
Am interested in
1) restaurant recommendations
2) any special events you may be aware of at that time
I checked La Fenice's website and there is nothing there, but I understand that you can take tours of the opera house. Are there tours there that time of year?
Thank you.

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  1. Allabotte is a very traditional osteria. Just got back from Venice 2 weeks ago. You can check out their website at Their food is very fresh. Check with them as to when they close. Their phone # is on their website. shayne

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    1. Anyone going to Venice during the winter months should think about bringing rubber/waterproofs boots, if you have them. The area in and around Piazza San Marco floods ("acqua alta") frequently during the winter months. The city sets up elevated walkways when there is flooding, but you can often be faced with walking thru 4" to 8" inches of water to get to where you want to go.

      With regards to restaurant recommendations, you should certainly check to see what restaurants will be open or closed over this period. If you do a search for Venice on this board, you will find many, many helpful recommendations.

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        Id say at least half of the major restaurants are closed over this week, but that will still leave you with plenty of choices.

        As for the aqua alta, it depends on tides and rain - we've experienced water in piazza san marco and the adjoining seafront on a couple of winter visits, but not much more and not even all day - check the online weather forecast before you go - and if it turns out you need boots (we didnt) there are plenty of stores selling wellies - an opportunity for a shopping trip to some of the non-touristic shopping areas.

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        1. Please keep responses focused on chow. General tourism questions are off topic for our site. Thanks.

          1. Read this book: "Venice Osterie" by Michela Scribilia. Got mine thru Amazon. We used it within the last month and found it to be generally accurate descriptions of foods. It's the Feb. 06 edition.

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              Amazon looks like its between editions now (the edition we used last year was from November 2005) - you can get it in Venice in any of the bookstores (there is one at the corner of San Marco that carries it) or the book vender in the piazza next to the Miracoli church.