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Oct 1, 2006 05:35 PM

The Real Taco in Chantilly

Friday night my husband and I were in the Dulles area and stopped at The Real Taco in Chantilly. Now, I'm not a big Mexican food fan (although my husband loves it) and I really wasn't expecting much from a restaurant in the 'burbs and in a strip mall no less but I must say - the food was excellent. Pretty diverse menu too. We started with the cactus salad and then split the 1/2 lb fajita. There was so much food, it was incrediable. The wait staff was very nice and made some excellent recommendations. All in all, a good experience and we will definately go back if we are in the area again.

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  1. I think the more you read this local board, the more you will realize that suburban strip malls contain a great deal of the best eating there is.

    1. N.B. for anyone looking for this place it's called Picante! The Real Taco. It's in a nondescript strip just west of Route 28 on Route 50 called Chantilly Park Center, which also contains two other very houndy joints, Thai Basil and Minerva (indian food), as well as Rawal Kabob, which is not bad at all either. In other words, a must visit for chowhounds. there's also a Merchant's Tire so get your tires rotated while you eat.

      Just to the west a new strip is going up, and it has some promising signage up: Pho 98, Philly Cheesesteak Connection, Paisano's, and Cafe Aroma.

      1. There's also Bungalow Billiards for the second best hot wings I've ever had (just to the east of 28), and there used to be a good pho place on the backside but I think it's gone.

        I went to the 28/29 area this weekend and saw a plethora of what seemed to be Korean places. Anyone know anything here, especially the store next to the fire house???

        1. The Korean places in that shopping center has been covered elsewhere on this board. It's the one with the IHOP. There's a Korean fried chicken place and a tofu place right next to the IHOP which opened recently. This area is the next Koreatown as more Koreans are moving into the area and can't afford Annandale.

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            Yes, that's the one. Looked very intriguing, like it might require a few trips just to get the lay of the land. I'm still very curious about the place next to the firehouse. Looks like a house with a market attached, and then it's all up for sale?