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Oct 1, 2006 05:04 PM

Kaiseki-Sakura reviewed favourably...

It looks like there might be a Kaiseki gem downtown:

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  1. The review did indeed sound intriguing. Anyone been?

    1. I recently had the 6 course chef tasting menu with paired drinks at Kaiseki-Sakura. The bill came up to about $450 for 2 ppl, but it was well worth it. The food was creative, and inspiring. Beautifully presented, and cooked perfectly. The drinks were fabulous as well, they included 2 different brands of sake (cloudy, and clear), and various blended wine cocktails.The service was excellent. If anyone else has been, i would love to hear your experiences.

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      1. re: chalenegirl

        I drove by today and it was all papered up. Is it a reno or gone for good? Anybody know?

        1. re: millygirl

          The recorded message says "closed till Oct 11" This is one place I've wanted to try but haven't made it in all these years.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Thanks foodyDudey, calling was next on my list :)

            Does not bode well cuz today is the 11th and the place is covered up with newspapers and not much action going on that I could see.

            I too have been wanting to try this place but just never got around to it. Hmmm, I wonder....

            1. re: foodyDudey

              The business was listed for sale on a restaurant real estate site a couple of months ago. I saw the papered up storefront this past weekend and wondered whether it indeed was sold or if they're attempting a re-branding with a renovation.

              I've went once to Kaiseki-Sakura back in January 2011 on a Thursday night and was one of 3 tables dining the entire time I was there. A shame really when the kaiseki was quite excellent (though I'm no kaiseki expert). The staff were quite professional and kind but I think the location and size of the space weren't terribly conducive to good restaurant economics. Still, I'm rooting for them.

                1. re: vidkid

                  Yeah, it's actually been on the market on the restaurant real estate sites for a long time. I recall seeing it back in 2009 Christmas time. They asked for a really inflated price though, way too much to be sold.

                  Surprised it lasted this long.

                  1. re: aser

                    "Dear Valuable Customers,
                    It is true, we are out of Business.
                    We have decided to close kaiseki-SAKURA after 5 years of business. Our Last day was September 25th, 2011. We were suppose to close at mid October,
                    though we had to shorten this due to taking in consideration of special supplies we get from Japan."

                    "P.S Don't worry, Daisuke is not going anywhere!! It is just too early to announce his new venture. Keep in touch (twitter and hotmail address)"

                    I went there a couple times a year. I called them before they opened when I saw the recruitment ad in the Japanese paper back in 2006. In recent months, Daisuke started writing a cooking column in BITS. Also the special price dinner (with partial proceeds going to earthquake relieve) had been going on for a while. The "chef's table" menu didn't help I guess.

                    Food was OK for the most part. But one unforgivable dish was the ama-ebi mini-sukiyaki. The heat generated by that little solid fuel thing could not reach proper temperature, causing the shrimp to have a marshmallow texture - an epic failure. I always wanted to discuss that dish with him but never got around to do it.

                    Value-wise, not good compared to Sushi Kaji (OK, not entirely kaiseki but still)

                    1. re: beepbeep

                      I enjoyed going there. We would always get the tasting menu with the sake pairings, and it was always a blast. The downfall in my mind was the location, for me, it's just not in a part of town I'm in very often, and I know I would have gone more often if it was located more centrally or in a more foodie area.