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Oct 1, 2006 04:42 PM

Key West Favorites?

I'll be in Key West the 2nd week in Dec. Can't wait, especially since it's been about 10 yrs. since I've been there. With such a long hiatus since my last visit, please tell me what your favorite restaurants are now. All price ranges & types of food are appreciated...especially fish. Also, we used to go to Louie's Backyard...what's it like there now? THANKS

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  1. You should have plenty of luck searching this board for previous threads about Key West. If you haven't been in 10 years, some places to check out are 915 (progressive small plates menu) on Duval, Ambrosia (great sushi) on Packer and Monsoon Cafe (Indian) on Fleming. Antonia's on Duval is still great, and Opera, another high-end Italian restaurant just down the lane from there, is also quite good. For seafood, the A&B has also been heavily updated in the last decade.

    1. Places in KW seem to change yearly. Since you have visisted last, there has been so many new things that have come along. I agree with Nick, do a search here and you will get a really good idea of whats in KW currently.

      1. Thank you both for your suggestions. I did do a search and really had to do quite a bit of scrolling to get to the few 2006 posts. Has anyone been there lately and can give me some suggestions? I greatly appreciate any and all ideas.

        1. The original comment has been removed
            This site also has a lot of info in it.