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Oct 1, 2006 04:08 PM

MSP: Excelsior & Grand lunchtime chow

We recently moved offices, and are now near Excelsior & Grand. I have not spent a lot of time around that neck of the woods. Can anyone recommend any lunchtime favorites in the neighborhood?

My current favorite would be to drive down France to Linden Hills and go to Turtle Bread or Great Harvest. Of course there is also Punch and the various Uptown options if we drive a bit. But I'm wondering about the immediate area -- I've not yet been to Yum, the deli near it, or anything in Excelsior & Grand. (Not totally true -- we went to Brix to get some wine after our office move, but did not try the chow.)

I noticed a Bellaria Bakery about to open across from Trader Joe's, but am not sure if that will be a bakery pure-play, or if it will have lunch options.

Btw, does anyone know if this Brix is related to the somewhat famous one in Napa?

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  1. Hong Kong Star is in a strip mall on the south side of Excelsior at Highway 100. They serve the requisite Americanized Chinese favorites, but have an extensive selection of dishes beyond those.

    Hong Kong style services (soup, tea and an entree) are reasonable and very good. They also have tons of noodle dishes and great soups, which are not on the menu, but on the specials listing on the table tents. I eat lunch there whenever I am in the neighborhood.

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      got take-out from here last night. Got Wonton soup - very good. Good broth, large freshly cooked wontons, and some bok choy pieces. Also lemon chicken for the daughter - sauce was good - chicken not so much. The chicken tasted and appeared as if it had been pre-cooked and them battered and fried. The breading was good, crisp and light, but the oil tasted as if it hadn't been changed in a while. I also got pork chow fun, which I haven't tried yet (tonight), but looked very good. Anyone eat there - and what did you have? (always looking for new dishes to try).

    2. On the affiliation with the Napa locale - no. On the bottom of the website are links to the other three properties owned by this company (2 McCoys, 1 Brix, 1 180).

      If you're in Linden Hills try the Zumbro Cafe and To-go, as well as Cafe 28.

      1. I would not count on Bellaria Bakery to open any time soon. I think that sign has been in the window for over a year.

        1. Funny you should ask. The Excelsior and Grand condo web site lists some locals:

          If you're driving to Linden Hills, there's also Rice Paper and Famous Dave's (hey - for lunch sometimes you need variety).

          1. Thanks all! A few specific responses:

            Re: Hong Kong Star -- thanks! I did not know about that one, probably would not have discovered it otherwise, but now I can't wait to try its non-Americanized dishes!

            Re: Bellaria Bakery -- I think their awning is a recent addition, so maybe there will be some progress soon?

            Re: Brix -- thanks for checking, Karl. I didn't think they could be related, but you never know.

            Today we ate lunch at Lucia's bakery. I've been there a few dozen times before and it has always been terrific. But today was way over-the-top good, even for them. So good that I timed the drive back to the office so that I could convince myself that it actually was not very far, and we could go back on a regular basis.

            I still would love to learn about any more Exc & Grand specialties, though!