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Oct 1, 2006 03:20 PM

Does the One Touch Can Opener Work?

Does anybody here have actual experience using the new One Touch can opener that, supposedly, you just lay on top of the can and let 'er rip? Does it open a can entirely and cleanly? I have grown very jaded with fancy can openers and rely on my manual Zyliss but would consider an automatic that WORKS. Thanks.

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  1. My MIL loves her one touch but I'm not impressed enough to purchase one. I'll stick to using my manual OXO Grip and a refrigerator magnet.

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    1. re: The Ranger

      Why are you not impressed? Is it hit and miss?

      1. re: rworange

        I'm not impressed at the price _or_ the performance. A can opener should not exceed the price of a coffee grinder; it's a disposable commodity. The cost of shipping should not be approaching 50% of an item's list price, either. Performance was also something that caught me by surprise. Her one touch doesn't always stay mounted and funky cans (rounded-square, over-sized circular) can create difficulties.

        Again, it's not something that I see a need for in my kitchen since the OXO Grip and a refrigerator magnet are best for me.

      2. re: The Ranger

        Second the Oxo. So easy to use it makes the thought of an electric superfluous for me - and I usually detest manual can openers.

      3. I own the Black and Decker cordless that is shaped like a little hammer. This works great but is not one of those "no sharp edges" opener. I click it on push the button and watch it glide around the top. Love it, and on the web you can find for $16 plus $8 delivery from some store in NJ. Three days and its at the house.

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          I have a Black and Decker that is werid. It runs on a battery and recharges. When I try to use it it makes a wonderful noise until it goes to open the can, and then it is deader then a door nail. I think it was called something that started with a G. Gizmo, maybe. Anyhow, they are not making it anymore, and I can sure understand why!! I even paid almost as much as the can opener was worth to put a new battery in it. Dumb, Dumb me, that didn't make one bit of difference!!! I'm going with the manual, and it works just fine!

        2. More importantly, is it easily cleanable?

          The first thing the Public Health look at in a kitchen inspection is the can openers...

          1. Thanks for replies. The One Touch is on sale this week locally, Target I think, so no shipping. I am starting to be troubled with arthritis in one hand so thought maybe the One Touch would be a solution to that---IF it works as advertised.

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            1. re: Querencia

              That's the reason my MIL swears by hers; arthritis in her hands. On sale and no shipping make the price point more tolerable.

              1. re: Querencia

                I was also interested in buying one since I developed tennis elbow. Linens and Things has it on sale for around $20.

              2. I had something quite a few years ago that looked almost exactly like this item. It didn't work worth a damn and ended up in the trash. If this is, indeed, the same thing, save your money. (If anyone tries it and it does work well, please report.)

                Westinghouse made an electric opener in the 1960s, called the Sesame, that slit the sides of cans. It worked brilliantly. When it died twenty something years later, there was nothing similar on the market. I have since tried two newer versions of this style opener: one on a normal stand and one that clamps to the top of the can and runs around it (much like the one touch but bigger and a plug-in). Neither was very good. Why this design could be made to work 40 years ago, but not now, befuddles me.