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Oct 1, 2006 01:22 PM

Spinach Stuffed Pizza?

So the FDA says spinach is safe again, and I'm needing some spinach stuffed pizza. Giordano's wasn't serving any last night, and I'm only in town until Thursday. Does anyone know if any other place is serving it yet?


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  1. My professor was kind enough to hold class Thursday night at Edwardos on Dearborn. They were NOT serving spinach yet.

    1. We ate at Connie's in Naperville a week ago Friday, which IMO is much superior to Giordano's (at least the ones in the westurn suburbs). Connie's stuffed spinach pizza happens to be one of my 'comfort foods' and we were able to 'comforted' last weekend. I think the only Connie's in Chicago is on the southside on Archer.

      Good luck to you & enjoy your stay in Chitown!

      1. I think they have lifted the warning - but who knows. When I called around about spinach pizza (far north side) several places (Candlelite Chicago was one) said they were making it but using FROZEN spinach.

        1. We ordered from Giordanos last night and wanted Spinach but they said they are still not serving it. We were told be the end of the week. And I was CRAVING spinach pizza yesterday!!