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Oct 1, 2006 12:35 PM

Looking for good casual meals in S. Yonkers

We are near the raceway and don't know where to go except for what's on Central Park Avenue. We have been to Bistro Chartruese for more upscale dinners and usually the diner on Yonkers Avenue for casual bites. Having gotten bored of the diner, we went to Boulder Creek last night. Not bad, but I am hoping there are other choices. The City and the Bronx are too far. Mom is recovering from major surgery so we really don't want to travel too far. Any suggestions would be very welcome. They don't like ethnic, so the past postings I saw would not work for us. They like american, italian, maybe greek. Anyone been to Greek Corner on Central Park Avenue? TIA

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  1. Where apx are you? How many minutes drive is within your traveling distance? I presently live in East Yonkers / Bronxville but lived in South East Yonkers (Woodlawn Area) for a few years and am very familiar with the area.

    Here are a few thoughts. I will think more about this and when you reply with more info I will add better suggestions.

    Valentinos on 132 Bronx River Road. Between Yonkers and McClean Ave at 241st st. Casual, but very nice Italian food of all types.

    In the Fleetwood section of Mt Vernon, just off the Cross County Parkway and Broad Street, near Bronx river road and midland Ave. You have three great places.

    The Bayou, relaxed cajun. Good prices, not spicy unless you request, very good. They have live music on weekends. 580 Gramatan Ave near Broad St.

    There is a Brazilian Steakhouse on Broad Street right across from the cross County parkway entrance/exit that is very good and not too "ethnic" for people who don't like that. A good place to go for a bit of a celebration.

    Slightly ethnic: a mixed Asian place that will appeal to all, but has very high quality and a much better tasting than the average Chinese/Japanese is Spring Asian Cuisine on Gramatan 1/2 a block south of Broad St.

    Burke's a pub on 645 Bronx River Road. North of Yonkers Ave almost to Midland Ave / Cross County Parkway. I have never had a bad meal there and they have a good beer selection as well. Also on weekends they have very good live bands of different types.

    Rory Dolans a pub on McClean Ave (just west of Kimball Ave) in the Woodlawn section of Yonkers, has very good food. Just go on the early side since it becomes a mob scene after 9pm.

    Also on Katonah Ave is the Rambling House among many other pubs and they have good food as well, just off of McClean Ave and Kimball Ave. (as you go south Kimball ends and Katonah veers to the left) This is 1-2 blocks into the Irish section of the Bronx called Woodlawn. Go early to any pub in this area because they all become more social and crowded later at night.

    In Woodlawn you also have, to quote the Village Voice, "Prime Cuts butcher shop (4338 Katonah Avenue), with its corned spare ribs and Irish sausages, and the Traditional Irish Bakery (4268 Katonah Avenue)with its scones, soda breads, and wall of Cadbury's candies" Both are very good.

    Greek Corner in thew High ridge Plaza central/north Yonkers is pretty bad. In the same plaza near Greek Corner is one of the best italian Delis in Westchester called A&S pork store. Their fresh made daily mozzarella is the best I have ever had and I make my own. The bagel place and fish store next to it are very good as well.

    Boulder Creek is basically a chain like Outback, but not as good. Outback is just north of Tuckahoe Road, (southbound side of Ave) they have OK steaks. One of the better chains.

    Charlies Browns on Central Ave (northbound side of Ave just north of Tuckahoe rd and outback has good prime rib, that's their best dish. Other items are good, much better than most chains.

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      We are close to the raceway about 5 minutes drive and very close to Lincoln HS about 1 minute away on St. Johns Avenue. We really don't want to travel more than 15 minutes one way. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    2. My old neighborhood! I grew up on Alida St.
      Go up Seminary Ave (away from St John's church) and head all the way up till you get to Midland Ave (near St. Ann's church). Make a left onto Midland and a half a block on your left is Tara Restaurant. Decent pub food. GOOD burgers.
      I grew up on Dunwoodie pizza. Nice people run the place. Not bad for a slice, some italian ice or maybe a meatball wedge.
      McLean Ave has some decent places as well. I think Rory's is overrated, I prefer Manions (not sure if it's even still called that), it's on Mclean, near St. Paul's church. Eileens Country Kitchen was pretty good for breakfast, too. That's down McLean more toward Woodlawn.

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        JJ Mannions- I forgot about them. Yes they are still there after 25 years. Very good food. They have 300-400 types of bottled beer there. They are on McLean Ave on the west side of Central Ave.

        Taras on Midland Ave (west side of central Ave) has cycled between good and bad over the decades. From what I hear they are on the upswing right now and I hear they have very good prime rib.

      2. Thanks for the recs, however does anyone have any non pub type restaurant suggestions?

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          I just wanted to let you know that most of the taverns/pubs I mention serve food that is restaurant quality, not pub grub.

          Also you mention casual dining and limit us to non-ethnic, American and Italian. That doesn't give you much choice. It's either taverns or chains. If you are a bit more specific then we can help provide more choices.

        2. Thanks for the clarification. My initial reaction to pubs was ugh, most of us don't even drink alcohol. I mentioned casual dining, only because I did not want prices like Bistro Chartruese. I liked their food, just not their dinner prices for an every day meal. My Dad is a non adventurous eater and that's why the limitation to American and Italian. I saw all the great posts for portugese and other ethnic restaurants that I would love to try, but I know that it would not go over well with him. Seafood is good too, if you have any suggestions in that category.

          Thanks very much. I am just so unfamiliar with the area.

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            To my list I want to add Fogiarty's Town Tavern on Kraft Ave in Bronxville. A really good menu.

            For more upscale but still casual there is An American Bistro in Crestwood across from the train station.

            In Eastchester there is Gina Marie's Trattoria. Very, very large servings of good Italian food. Some folks complained about a service problem after they moved to the new location but that seems to have been fixed.

            For what is probably the best pizza in Westchester you have Johnnies in Mt. Vernon on Lincoln Ave. They only sell pies, best when eaten there.

            For what is thought to be the best burger in Westchester go to the Pipers Kilt on Rt 22 in Eastchester.

            There is s very good Greek diner on Yonkers Ave and Kimball Ave. I think it's called the Argonaut. I haven't had a bad meal there in 25 years. They serve everything under the sun.

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              Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I will certainly post about our experiences after we go to any of them. I really appreciate all of your input.

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                There is actually a good place IN the raceway - Lillian Russel Cafe. I don't know who she is but they have an ecclectic menu of American faire. The pastrami rueben was dynamite & fresh. My wife had the salmon which came on a bed of sweet potato succotash - very nice touch. Prices were average & the server has worked there forever (Patricia?) - full of tales from the rat pack to FDR! Enjoy!