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Oct 1, 2006 11:46 AM

JP Licks noodle kugel ice cream

Was in there yesterday getting some frozen yogurt and noticed this flavor...Hmm...

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  1. Who knew? JP Licks has added a Jewish flavor for the High Holidays. Very cool.

    My blog:

    1. They've also got a Manischewitz blackberry wine sorbet. See recent Boston Phoenix column:

      1. Bought a quart for the pre-fast dinner tonight. Great stuff. Creamy, custardy, cinnamony, with noodles to boot! Everyone enjoyed it, even those squeamish about trying new things.


        1. Just had some- I agree, it was fabulous! Chewy and spiced and oh so very creamy/custardy.

          1. I tasted both of those flavors: The kugel flavor was quite delicious, as described by the other posters. It tasted like comfort food in the nicest way: gentle, sweet, nicely spiced and smoothly custardy. Smooth, that is, except for the textural obstacle of the noodles. I tried and tried, but I just couldn't quite make my peace with noodles in ice cream.

            The Manischewitz sorbet is a charming concept and a very pretty purplish color, but the flavor, I thought, was just OK; nothing to write home about.

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              That's appropriate, IMO, as Manischewitz itself is nothing to write home about!