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Oct 1, 2006 04:17 AM

westside weekend taco alert

taco tables are a rarity on the westside so i was pleasantly suprised to find one in the Palms market on motor ave. There used to be a taco truck in this parking lot but i havn't seen it in awhile.

an older mexican lady with a flat grill roasting jalapenos and a pile of onions as well as braising several kinds of meats.chorizo, carne asada, lengua. There's no menu just different stacks of grilled meat. You tell her what kind of meat you want and then she scoops up the meat into a tortilla that has and tops them off with onions ,cilantro and this really tasty red tomatillo salsa. A grilled jalapeno and grilled onions on request.

If the butcher sells it she'll most likely grill it up for ya. The boy before me asked for a chicharrones taco and she went to the butcher and came back with some pork skins.

the grilled jalepeno was sliced so i just folded it into my asada taco and bit into the little baby bomb. Yum! the juicyness of the beef and salsa and pepper hit the spot.

I didn't have my camera with me. I usually do but i just ran out for some tomatillos and chile arbols to make a salsa and didn't figure to run across any tacos.

if you're in the neighborhood check it out tho...saturdays and sundays..not sure about weekdays.

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  1. oops sorry the address is 3568 Motor Ave.

    about a block south of Motor and Palms

    1. Bandini, thanks for the tip and love your Blog.

      How much did the tacos cost?

      How did the tacos rate in terms of "Tacos" (your rating system on your Blog)?

      1. norm,

        tacos were a buck each. I'd probably rate them a solid 3 tacos

        they went great with a ice cold mexican coke.

        1. Yum. I'll be there Saturday, period.

          LOVE your blog!!!

          1. One minor word of warning. I went there a couple of years ago to try the tacos...the taco table looked great...but as I watched eagerly, the lady put on plastic gloves, pulled out some raw meat to place it on the grill, then without removing the wet gloves, she used her hands to grab some of the already cooked meat to chop it up for tacos.

            I'm normally not squeemish about "outward" signs of restaurant sanitation...a "C" (or no letter) rarely deters me...and granted, that type of thing likely happens all the time behind the closed door of the kitchen (I saw that when working as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant as a kid), but this was a little too immediate for comfort, so I went elsewhere and couldn't bring myself to return.

            Shame, 'cause it looked great!