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Oct 1, 2006 03:11 AM

Mexico City Restaurant [moved from SF Bay Board]

I will be in Mexico City for only one afternoon on October 15th. I want to visit "La Zona Rosa" and have a great lunch while I am there. The only information I can find about great restaurants in this neighborhood is for Tezka in the Hotel Royal but they are closed on Sundays. Can anyone recommend an incredible restaurant in this neighborhood of Mexico City?

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  1. To bad Tezka's closed, it's the only North American outpost of Juan Mari Arzak and his storied French-Basque cuisine. Tough break, that would have been a perfect choice.

    Fonda El Rufugio is located a 166 Liverpool @ Amberes and has been around since dirt (or at least the last 40 years) serving traditional Mexican cuisine.

    Focolare at Hamburgo 87 @ Copenhagen

    Bellinghausen at Londres 95 (has been compared to Tadich Grill in San Francisco in terms of elegance, style and old money)

    1. Hey Dining Diva,

      I was able to check these out on the internet. Bellinghausen sounds like just the right place for a great lunch on my brief vist to Mexico City.

      Thanks for the tips.