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Oct 1, 2006 02:38 AM

where to find kreplach?

Hi there- this is very last minute, but if anyone can give me any leads as to where to find good kreplach, it'd be much appreciated! I have a holiday dinner on Sunday evening...I considered just wandering through Brookline but if anyone has any specifics, that'd be a timesaver. Thanks!

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  1. Try the Butcherie, if you can get near the place tomorrow. It'll be a mob scene, I'm sure.

    1. I have a menu from China Sails in Salem circa 1965 (where Fantasy Island now sits) which lists "Kreplach" in the appetizer section! Which I can only assume meant peking ravs.

      Lo mein is rendered "Chinese Spaghetti". And there's a lengthy explanation about what "the Chinese Egg-Roll" is.

      Can you believe there was actually a time when we didn't know these terms?! It boggles the mind.

      Sorry for the aside. Not many times I get to use a kreplach anecdote....

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      1. re: grapester

        Interesting story.

        > "Which I can only assume meant peking ravs."

        Seems likely, but also worth noting that I doubt today's denizens of Peking are sitting in restaurants thinking of their dumplings as "raviolis" either (or for that matter thinking of their city as "Peking").

        1. re: grapester

          Not ravs, but wonton. When I was a kid (also mid-60s) it was not uncommon for Boston Chinatown restaurants such as House of Roy to list "Wonton (kreplach) soup" on their menus.

          The folklore has it that Joyce Chen christened potstickers "Peking ravioli" to put a more familiar face on another no-longer-exotic item.

          And wasn't there another thread here on Chowhound about non-Italian restaurants calling squid "calamari" on their menus? I know I was bemused to order "salt and pepper calamari" at Jumbo.

        2. oy, kreplach!!!


          1. Hi-
            Butcherie on Harvard St. is open from early morning until 1 or 2 pm pre-Kol Nidre, so get there early...not sure if Ruth's Kitchen across the street will have kreplach as well.
            G'mar hativa tova--

            1. Thanks everyone-- we'll give it a try. A happy, healthy new year to all!