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empanadas in the Boston area

Does anyone know of a good and cheap place in the area to get empanadas?

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  1. I can think of a few places in the South End. Orinoco has empanadas served with salad on their menu. Don Ricardo on West Dedham also has them, as does Miami Cafe (I think).

    1. Try La Mamma's in Allston. Trick is to order the ones that are not in the display case -- they'll make it fresh.

      1. Foodies has beef and chicken empanadas to take out at various days of the week. Sometimes Wednesdays and Saturdays! Very good!

        1. There is a guy who sometimes is there in front of that small park on the south side of Centre Street in Jamaica Plain near Jackson Square selling empanadas of various kinds out of a cart. I remember him having beef and chicken, and he tends to run out of chicken first. These are probably not as high quality as some of the empanadas you might find in restaurants, but they are hot, he has some hot sauce on hand, and somehow things taste better to me when you eat them outside of a cart or truck. Anyone know if that guy is still there?

          1. Viva Mi Arepa in W. Roxbury near the VA has empanadas

            1. I have been on an empanada kick for a while now and have had a really hard time finding outstanding ones. Through desperation I started to make them myself and found they are the easiest things in the world and great for using up leftovers in the fridge too. They bake well and fry even better. That said....
              Does anyone know of a source that I might find "La Venezolana" brand corn meal? It is used in Colombia and is far, far superior to Goya.( A lovely lady from there who treated me to some of hers will grind her own corn if she cannot find it! ) Highly reccommend it if you come across it. I would love to taste corn bread made with it too.

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                there are various latin markets in somerville if you cruise broadway.sorry i know where they are but not their names. also center st in jp. I would bet that the fine ground cornmeal from whole foods bulk- would be as exc.as the packaged you are seeking. Do try the Tango ones i mention below.

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                  I buy a stone ground cornmeal from Harvest food coop in Central Square that is far superior to any supermarket brand I have found.

                2. Tango, the Argent. restnt in Arlington Ctr., has exc plump, not skimpy, empanadas de carne (pollo ones not good). I buy by the dozen, calling ahead to take out (this is a sit-down restnt). They have ground beef, pimiento, green olives,very tender deep fried pastry, but because I like a spicy flavor, I use chipotle sauce to spice them up.

                  Miami Cafe's are not worth eating,IMO.

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                    I'm told the Chacarero "store" on Province St has them. Haven't tried them yet.

                  2. Hunt around Maverick Square in East Boston for the real deal.

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                      the real deal being pupusas and not empanadas.... they are delicious, though! rincon limeno in day square has some great ones, too.

                    2. Try Foodies on Washington Street across from the Cathedral for great take-out chicken and beef empanadas!

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                        upton,are the beef empanadas full of cumin and other good flavor, or just pretty much plain ground beef?thanks

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                          They're well flavored, even including peppers, onions, olives, and hard-boiled egg whites! Yum! However, I enjoy them with a little Cholula hot sauce!

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                            o.k. then i will try them. funny, i too use a hot sauce- chipotle sauce for me- with the Tango empanadas. when i make them for myself and business, i use alot of cumin etc.
                            but cumin is not used much in so. amer. where emp's. originated.

                      2. A few years ago, a friend from Argentina use to frequent Monica's mercato on Salem St. in the North End for empanadas. I'm not sure if they still cary them. I seem to remember someone in the Monica's family was also from Argentina. She really enjoyed the empanadas from Monicas as well as dulce de leche ice cream!!

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                          Believe that's correct, the folks who run Monica's are part Argentine.

                        2. Just go to any of the small Columbian/South American restaurants or storefronts in Eastie. They all have empanadas better than your standard Boston fare.