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Oct 1, 2006 01:51 AM

empanadas in the Boston area

Does anyone know of a good and cheap place in the area to get empanadas?

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  1. I can think of a few places in the South End. Orinoco has empanadas served with salad on their menu. Don Ricardo on West Dedham also has them, as does Miami Cafe (I think).

    1. Try La Mamma's in Allston. Trick is to order the ones that are not in the display case -- they'll make it fresh.

      1. Foodies has beef and chicken empanadas to take out at various days of the week. Sometimes Wednesdays and Saturdays! Very good!

        1. There is a guy who sometimes is there in front of that small park on the south side of Centre Street in Jamaica Plain near Jackson Square selling empanadas of various kinds out of a cart. I remember him having beef and chicken, and he tends to run out of chicken first. These are probably not as high quality as some of the empanadas you might find in restaurants, but they are hot, he has some hot sauce on hand, and somehow things taste better to me when you eat them outside of a cart or truck. Anyone know if that guy is still there?

          1. Viva Mi Arepa in W. Roxbury near the VA has empanadas