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Oct 1, 2006 01:22 AM

Good caterer in the East Bay? (Oakland)

I am looking for a good caterer in Oakland area. This is to handle small passed plates for a party of ~40 people. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. MarketHall in Rockridge has a catering division. They can also arrange serving staff and silverware, tablecloths, etc., if that is desirable.

    1. Are you looking for lunch or dinner? Gregoire does excellent lunch catering - sandwiches, salad, soup, etc.


      1. Cesar has a catering menu that can be ordered for pick-up.

        The above link is for their Shattuck location but their Piedmont location probably does it as well. I doubt they do the staff, silverware, tablecloth things though, but you could always ask.

        1. Check out Aubergine - Joan the owner is really nice, likes to cook local and sustainable, and is really creative.

          The front page talks more about their delivery service, but they do a fair amount of event catering too.

          1. For an actual caterer, I was at a party of the type you described that was catered by Blue Heron Catering ( ) and the food was really good and served very professionally.