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Kosher Subway

I heard a rumor that a Kosher Subway restaurant will be opening in Brooklyn. I do not have any further info. If I hear anything else, I will post on Chowhound

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  1. Why in the world would a Kosher Subway taste any different than say a Kosher Delite? if that good?

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      The proverbial question - Is this good for the Jews? Maybe, in that the more kosher food is available, the more major corporations recognize the buying power of the kosher consumer, the better it is for the community.

      Is this good for dining in general? No, I don't think so. As a former Brooklyn-ite (went to school in Midwood, three guesses and the first two don't count) who now lives in the heavily non-Jewish South, I can honestly say I miss the choices of non-chain restaurants. Chains are mostly what we get here and the sameness and blandness is palate numbing. Treasure the differences and don't aspire to taste assimilation. Besides, Subway is one of the worst tasting chain sandwiches you'll find.

    2. Bring it on! The more choices the better! I have never gone into a Subways, but I think that they are a different animal than Kosher Delight. I think they specialize in hero sandwiches, which is different than the burger/bucket of chicken that KD is known for.

      Got this from a Google search "http://www.pr.com/press-release/13250" First Kosher Subway® Restaurant Opens in Cleveland. If Clevland than why not Brooklyn? Five Towns next? After all, despite the fact that the owners of KD live in the Five Towns, they did not open a KD here.

      It can only be good for us if major chains open kosher stores. I think that will result in prices of kosher fast foods going down. I for one was very glad when Duncan Donuts opened some kosher stores.

      Burger King next?

      1. "Why in the world would a Kosher Subway taste any different than say a Kosher Delite? if that good?"

        Because, as noted, one is a sub shop and one is a mishmash of fast food, deli and Chinese, none of which is particularly good. Subway is probably the best and healthiest mass market sub shop on the market.

        1. My point is, there are severe limitations on kosher food, especially kosher fast food, and it usually ends up tasting like garbage, I've eaten at the kosher "chains" in Israel and at the kosher McDonalds in Argentina, it doesn't taste anything different than your average kosher fast food joint, whether you are subways or Moishe's you are still limited to the meat, bread and acceptable (kosher) fixins that citys' Kosher agencies provide and approve, it wont taste any different, it may LOOK different (ala "Subway subs) but it'll taste the same.
          I do agree wholeheartedly that if the chains get involved we will get more Kosher and cheaper too that would be a great plus especially for those of us that live in a non central location, we should support that!

          BTW, Deis, I've read many of your posts and I have the utmost respect for your opinions and tastebuds, but I aint bad myself and I have eaten the world over, and I stand by my opinion, KD is pretty darn good, I admit I found it hard to believe, but their food was consistently good, I am only referring to the 13th ave location though, their corned beef is great and my children love their chinese, when Im in NY I always go there as well as the other "Better" places, i am pleasantly surprised.
          I also go for the Amnon Pizza nearby.

          1. A kosher franchise restaurant has to answer to two authorities; the kosher consumer and the owning franchise. Having a double accountability factor may increase the quality of the served food.

            1. I've never been to the Brooklyn location and admit that it may be better--I've heard it elsewhere. I was in the Manhattan location about a month ago and my food (shawarma) was fine. My cousin's chicken sandwich looked bland, though.

              Apropos, I find it really annoying that when buying shawarma, one has to pay in the back and then go to pick it up in the front.

              1. I looked thru that website. kashrut.org seems to be a discussion board. I didn't see any kashrut authority in the discussion saying a tuna sandwich in any subway is kosher. can you perhaps provide the direct link?

                1. Do a search on the Q and A board.

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                  1. BTW, I once worked for a company above a Subway owned by Jews. They kept a separate knife and cutting board for us!

                    1. Thanks for the Kashrut.org link!

                      1. The Ave. J Glatt Kosher SUBWAY also caters for schools, synagogues, orporate affairs and offers delivery. The owners are expanding their SUBWAY franchise with a location on Kings Highway and East 10th Street, scheduled to open in the near future. Eventually, they'd like to open kosher SUBWAYs in Queens and Manhattan as well. The goal is to have a glatt kosher SUBWAY in every Jewish neighborhood so Jews can get quality food while eating healthy.

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                          While I applaud the owners' initiative and their eagerness to bring the assimilated treif experience to all Jewish neighborhoods, Subway is NOT quality. It's considered pretty pathetic by most non-kosher diners.

                          Check out this current thread on the Chains board:

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                            I ate at treif Subways before I went kosher. Never by choice. The fact that Subway has kosher locations is amusing, but I will spend my money at tastier, local restaurants.

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                              If the smell is the result of the pre packaged meats at non-kosher subways, I don't think you will find the same issues at the Kosher ones. They do not get their meats through the Subway distribution and get them fresh from their local markets. I have been to the one in Cleveland many times. It is clean and no it does not smell. It is a big hot there too.

                              I cannot speak for the one in Brooklyn and hope they keep their standards the same as the Cleveland Subway.

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                              I don't think its too cynical to think that the goal is to have a glatt kosher SUBWAY in every Jewish neighborhood so that they can make a lot of money:)

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                                Many people will try the Subway in Cedarhurst to check it out. Kosher consumers will keep patronizing Subway if they maintain a good quality product. Otherwise it will end up like the kosher Nathan's in Brooklyn.

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                                  In my opinion kosher subway would be a cheaper less nice version of mendys.