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Sep 30, 2006 11:41 PM

St. Louis, near WashU dinner

Will be in St. Louis for Parents' Weekend end of Oct. at Wash U. Need recs for dinners for a Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Thinking of Harvest for Thurs nite---had a great meal there before, and know that our 18 year old daughter would appreciate the salmon. Re; other nights, she appreciates good, fresh food but nothing too fussy, so a romantic french restaurant is probably out. Would conside the Hill one night if you have a good rec there. Thanks!

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  1. I am a student at WashU, (have been here like, 5 years already,) so I've pretty much tried most every where in the area.

    Someplace I've been recently that stood out in the WashU area is BARcelona, a Tapas Place in Clayton about a mile West from the school. Really good tapas, not too expensive, good balance of all kinds of stuff. The drinks were also pretty normally priced. One thing is that since it has a bar connected and is popular it can get crowded and LOUD on Friday nights, but the food is really good.

    Um, on the Loop, which is a mile North of the school, there are a whole bunch of choices, (a fairly decent Japanese restaurant called Seki's, a Lebanese, I think, restaurant called Saleem's which is pretty good, and some bar/restaurants that also get crowded on weekends, that are not bad but nothing outstanding.)

    There's a good Vietnamese/Chinese place several miles down Delmar near 170 called Mai Lee in a shopping center with a Kaplan center next door, and across the street from that there's an OK, but sorta expensive Indian restaurant.

    1. Atlas Restaurant in the CWE is always my first vote anywhere in the city, but it happens to also be near Wash-U.

      Harvest is a great choice as well.

      Mirasol is a good one in the loop.

      Remy's Kitchen and Wine Bar is another good one in Clayton.

      Wash-U is quite close the highway, so really, you could venutre downtown pretty quick if you were so inclined.

      1. We had a very nice meal at Riddle's Penultimate last year. Ambiance is casual but the menu is mostly local/seasonal/organic and well prepared. Nice beer selection too.Here is a link:

        1. I see you are already planning on Harvest which is an excellent choice.

          Terrene on Sarah just north of Forest Park Ave would be a good choice.

          For an excellent Italian that is slightly off The Hill, I would recommend Trattoria Marcella on Watson at Pernod in SW city.

          1. Atlas
            609-(in loop- reasonable and small menu, fab desserts)
            Riddles esp if you are into wines
            If you are planning a grocery run before you leave town try to get it in before Sunday AM- or you will be part of the mob all doing the same thing. As a local I was surprised to be in the lines at a usually quiet time on Sunday.