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Sep 30, 2006 10:18 PM

Last 3 nights in London/ harrow rd. hounding

After 2 years here and an unrenewable visa, I'm being forced to move away. And the one up note of moving, is that I have to eat meals out...

I've recently discovered Tong Ka-Nom on harrow rd which is glorious and cheap; we've happily had 2 restorative meals there over the past week.

This evening we went to Jenks in Queens Park. Good food, excellent service, but I cant help but thinking that meal for the 2 of us was worth $40 and not £55.

I've got 3 more nights in this city, are there any other Harrow Rd favorites? I've enjoyed that Eritrean place by westborne grove, but fervent recommendations could easily trump it.


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  1. I rarely eat in that area, but I did have an attrocious meal at Hugo's in Queens Park, the only redeeming feature is that whoever was responsible for piping music through the restaurant had extrememly good taste in Jazz.

    The only other meal I can remember eating in that neck of the woods was an excellent curry at the Raj.