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Sep 30, 2006 10:12 PM

Times praises Jim Leff

In a review of "The United States of Arugula", a history of the past half-century's culinary trends, New York Times critic A.O. Scott writes that the book makes one glaring omission:

"a celebration of flavor diversity feels incomplete without a shout-out to Jim Leff, the indomitable field commander of the Chowhound insurgency."

Well done! An interesting review, too:

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  1. Yeah, I read the deserved nod to Jim Leff in the Sunday Book Review as well. He has built, with his team, what no one else has: a truly egalitarian space for intelligent, fun and useful discourse on food. I love it. And it certainly has changed how I approach food and food writing.

    The other thing about A.O. Scott's review, it reminds just what an incredible institution The New York Times is for food in America. They may have lied down on the war in Iraq and suffered numerous other blows to thier standing recently, but on food they are second to none.

    1. And a nice (and deserved) shoutout to Calvin Trillin.

      1. Congrats to the chief Chowhounder! Made it in the NY Times!
        Rightfully so!

        1. Great review. Aside from the excellent shout out is this fabulous quote:

          The newest menu buzzwords — “line-caught,” “pasture-raised,” “housemade,” “wild” — are tokens of ideological commitment, evoking not France or Tuscany but a pastoral, agrarian, natural order — reserved a month in advance and purchased for a month’s rent.