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Best Burger in Dallas???

I have read alot of the past posts but they are over a year old. I was thinking about trying Dairy-Ette but just wanted to see what the current recommendations are.

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  1. Twisted Root, Jakes, Chips, and Keller's in no particular order.

    1. Didn't D Magazine do a recent cover story on this issue (big burger on the cover)? I'm sure a lot of places were listed in that issue. That would be a good place to start.


      1. Twisted Root is good, but not good enough to go out of the way for. Scotty Ps in Plano, Frisco, Mckinney etc. has much better onion rings and generally as good to better burgers.

        Also for something different for a very inexpensive price the old butcher shop in Downtown Plano, Wednesday is Elk burger day, Thursday is Buffalo day.

        Also of course not previously mentioned is Balls two locations one on NW & one at Snyder Plaza.

        1. D Magazine said Wingfield's was best. They do make a very good burger, and it's very large, but Wingfield's is strictly take-out, so eat it in your car or drive home to chow. The Angry Dog and Twisted Root both are good (and the milkshakes at Twisted Root are tremendous). And don't forget Stoneleigh P.

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          1. When I want a "great burger" I usually go to a steakhouse and not a burger joint. For a mid-tier steakhouse, Houston's has a consistently good burger.

            I had the Stoneleigh P. burger recently and of course they refuse to give you ketchup because "good burgers don't need ketchup." Personally, I think the vinegary sweet taste of ketchup is the perfect balancing element to the rich greasiness of the beef.

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              I'm all for restaurants having their "quirks" but a place serving "bar food" that doesn't serve ketchup is just going too far. It's kinda like selling a milkshake, but not allowing you to use a straw!


              1. re: TexasToast

                I agree, TT. Kind of an arrogant policy -- too bad the burger didn't live up to the attitude. (Not to knock the P. in general - it's a great bar.)

            2. Oops forgot a few:

              Adairs Saloon in what's now Deep Ellum all though they were there first. It's a real burger not fancy, designer or anything else, but really good bar burger. http://www.adairssaloon.com/home_ads.htm

              all though not in Dallas:

              Kincaids in Ft. Worth
              Fred's Texas - Cash only but it's more than a burger it's a Ft. Worth at it's best. http://www.fredstexascafe.com/

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                I believe there's a Kincaid's now in Southlake.
                Have no idea if it compares to the original in FW.

                1. re: QueenB

                  Yes, there is. It's at Kimbell and 114, and it draws quite a crowd. Pretty darn good burgers!

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                  Adairs makes a killer burger. My choices would be Scotty P's, Burger House, Ball's and Keller's. Purdy's makes a pretty good burger but not as good those already listed.

                3. I concur on Chip's and would add Snuffer's. I think Snuffer's burgers are marginally better, but Chip's onioin rings are good enough to make me eat there more often.

                  1. As an Onion Ring snob, Scotty Ps are much better than Chips. I would give Chips honorable mention, but nothing compared to Scotty Ps onion rings.

                    Now when you compare the burger itself you have to decide what you are looking for. Snuffers uses somewhat fattier meat than most others listed. Snuffers chopped lettuce and bun are quite good, but the meat itself can be a bit to fatty at times.

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                    1. re: irodguy

                      Two questions: First, are Scotty P's onion rings cut small and crunchy, or are they made from larger cuts of onion? I much prefer the smaller shoestring style. Second, where is Scotty P's? Never heard of it.

                      1. re: Mike C. Miller

                        Answer #1: They're from larger cuts of onion--definitely not shoestring.

                        Answer #2: Plano, Allen, Frisco, and McKinney ( http://www.scottyps.com/findscottyp.html ).

                        Scotty P's does make a good chili cheeseburger (and fries and shake). (One of these days I need to do a chili cheeseburger comparison. I'm sure it would be painful, since so many places use nasty canned chilis.



                        1. re: Scott

                          I was gonna ask the same thing, as I rarely venture outside the "loop."


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                            I think one of the problems with Scotty P's, and most other burger places everywhere in the States, is that their default internal temperature for all burgers is >160 degrees, or well-done. There are some solid health and liability reasons for this, but the practice destroys the flavor and texture of a hamburger. Some places will cook to medium rare, if the customer requests it, but those few almost make you feel like you are taking your life in your own hands. I keep expecting someone to stick a liability-release form in front of me, when I ask for something less cooked than well-done.

                            1. re: Kirk


                              You need to meet me at Perry's sometime for their chili cheeseburger, cooked rare, medium rare, or however you like. Prime aged beef for both the patty and the housemade chili.


                                1. re: Kirk

                                  You guys are killing me... "Perry’s Prime Burger - All prime aged beef, served on a toasted bun served with steak fries. Add your complimentary choice of cheddar, bleu cheese, Swiss or American cheese, sautéed mushrooms or onions"

                                  1. re: soapgirl

                                    Now Perry's is a really nice place. It may have some service snafus, but the food's been consisently good.


                              1. re: Scott

                                That would account as to why I never heard of it. I try not to venture north of North West Highway. Occasionally, I venture to the boondocks to go to India Palace.

                          2. Go to Balls Burgers in Snider Plaza for their burger.

                            Get it to Go.

                            Walk around the corner to The Burger House.
                            Get at least one order of their amazingly seasoned fries.

                            SOOO Good.

                            1. We tried snuffers and my husband LOVED thier cheese fries but we both though there burgers were below average. Defianlty do not go thier for a good burger but the fries are worth the trip.

                              I think next we will try kincaids or chips

                              1. Not to beat a dead horse, but can I add Lee Harvey's cheeseburger to the list of bests? DELICIOUS. Its pretty much just meat and cheese with some fixins on the side (onions, lettuce, and tomatoes).

                                Also, want to put in a word about their pickles. I inhale those. They are homemade and a little bit vinegarry and sweet, and I'm usually a kosher dill kind of girl.

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                                1. re: simply_victoria

                                  Be careful inhaling those pickles, Victoria. Especially on Friday the 13th!

                                  1. re: Kirk

                                    Don't worry. Tonight I will be dining at La Duni. No pickle inhaling from me.

                                2. I tried Dairy-ette last week. The limeade, mentioned by the DMN review, was indeed wonderful. It was served in a frosty mug and made by hand when ordered. Pretty good fries, tots, and burger. I'd go back.

                                  1. Dairy-Ette is still my favorite, but even here in East Dallas I sometimes go to Fat Daddy's just for the free beer. My kid actually gets a hot dog at Dairy-Ette, and there are those who prefer the shrimp basket, of all things. But get the root beer in the frosted mug and definitely the fries.

                                    At Twisted Root you get a good burgers AND sweet potato fries, oh man.

                                    1. J.C.'s Burger House is outstanding. They are located in Plano, Frisco, and McKinney. Beats the hell out of Scotty P's. Bakers in McKinney is really good, but if you really want a treat, try their bologna burger.

                                      Burger Fixin's in Celina, TX also has a really good burger, but be advised their dining area is outdoors.

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                                      1. re: kingofkings

                                        Sorry all though JC's is good fresh ground etc. as a stand alone burger to burger they are better than Scotty Ps, but and it's a big one when you add in the specialty burger Scotty Ps put them under. Personally I still think Balls is better than all of the above since they are flame grilled.

                                        Chips also did a pretty good job, but my understanding is this was the last weekend for them, maybe somebody can deny or confirm this.

                                        1. re: irodguy

                                          A burger is a burger, and J.C.'s just beats them down on quality. Scotty P's is about the same as a Chili's.

                                          No comparison.

                                        2. re: kingofkings

                                          where is J.C. Burger House in Plano? I only heard of the Chips on Cole being closed

                                          1. re: jinet12

                                            15th and Independance. Right behind Henry's Ice Cream. That is the original location.

                                        3. By far Twisted Root. I always get the ostridge burger (hey its more lean than turkey), and SWEET POTATO FRIES. ymm

                                          dont forget the homemade root beer!

                                          1. I vote for Twisted Root for thick burger and Burger House for thin burger. I consider them two totally different genres.

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                                            1. re: foodiedfw

                                              I agree with you that the "thick burger" and the thin "old style" are different things indeed. Island Burger might be something between them. Big but flat and more crusty like the 50s or 60s burgers.

                                              1. re: irodguy

                                                I haven't been to the other ones, but Burger Island recently opened a location in Sachse.

                                                Not the "best" burger, but really big and messy is sometimes just what I need.