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Sep 30, 2006 09:52 PM

Slanted door rec's

I did a search and it's been some time since the last discussion.

Going tonight. what should we get?

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  1. I recently had the pho there for the first time and was rather disappointed. It was very pricy for not a lot of pho, but I'm a big fan of Momofuku and Bao 111 in Manhattan, so it wasn't my fav.

    The fresh spring rolls were tasty, but it seems a little chilly to enjoy them today. Still, if you like spring rolls, those were very good.

    The crispy 5 spice duck legs and the bok choy were delicious. My companions also liked the chicken claypot and the seared scallops with pineapple coconut sauce. The spicy squid was not a hit.

    Enjoy your dinner!

    1. I love the shaking beef, and the salmon, and there was a great shrimp dish but I can't remember the name. Veggies are awesome.

      1. I really like the claypot fish, and I love the cellophane noodles.

        1. Thanks for the rec's. Everything we had was excellent and the service has improved a great deal since the last time I went back when it first opened.

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