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Dim Sum in Columbus, OH

Can anyone recommend a place to get good dim sum in Columbus?

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  1. Guangdong Restaurant on Bush Boulevard is great. It is off 161 towards the Continent and the lighted sign still says "New House of Mandarin". They don't have the carts, but you order the menu items off a paper menu. I think it is the best dim sum in Columbus. My mother-in-law and hairdresser, both from Hong Kong, agree.

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      Thanks! I will definitely go there. Haven't had dim sum for three years since moving here from New York!

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        how is the food at Guangdong other than the dim sum? What do they offer at dinnertime?

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          I think it is a pretty standard Chinese menu, lots of noodles and meat/veggie dishes. They have a big fish tank with lobsters and fresh fish and the prices look pretty good on the fresh seafood. It is not a place for Americanized Chinese food, but the dinner menu looks very good and has received good reviews. I've only had dim sum there. I think they have a few limited dim sum items at dinner, too.

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            If you are looking for good Chinese food in Columbus, try the Panda Inn on Bethel and ask for the Chinese menu (which is in Chinese and English).

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              thanks - I am personally interested in something good within a mile or two of my family's house, which Guangdong is. Is this the same restaurant location that offered a buffet previously? the sweet buffet food is the stuff my parents prefer, unfortunately. We did go, several years ago, to a Chinese Restaurant on Granville Rd. east of 71 which was quite good (salt baked squid and other real stuff) Is that one still there, too??

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                This Guangdong has been open for about 2 years or less, I think. It is not the typical sweet Chinese buffet food - it's pretty authentic. It might be the place that offered a buffet before - it was called New House of Mandarin but I never went there. It is right across the street from the Continent.

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                  ok, thanks - it would have been more than two years ago that I "enjoyed" a buffet meal there - my parents have since decamped to a more extensive buffet operation over toward Dublin. Ill hope to be able to experience Guangdong.

        2. There is also a place at Olentangy River Road and Ackerman in the University Shopping Center called Fortune - they have the carts, but I think Guangdong is better. There is a third, called Shangri-La, that is down off Cleveland Avenue in a pretty bad part of Columbus. The place is pretty run-down. Those are the only 3 I know of. Do not go to Lee Garden in Dublin for dim sum - the menu is pretty limited and they served me shrimp dumplings one time with the shrimp uncooked! Hope you enjoy checking the places out.

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            I don't think Fortune's is good at all. The food is just never as tasty as it should be! I'd recommend Guangdong.

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              Oy vey. Shangri La is horrible. We literally left $30 of food on the table. Oil was so old -- had to have been the scene of at least 100 previous stirfry crimes. Please don't go there.

            2. I've been to Lee Garden and one other place whose name I can't remember and so, I agree, Guangdong is the best. Service can be a bit spotty, seems like, because they're quite busy and are probably still settling into things. But the food is good and there's more variety than at other places I've been to.

              1. DH and I finally checked out Guangdong for lunch today. We ordered only one thing we were familiar with and decided to be adventurous with the rest. It was good. We will go back to try more things on the menu.

                We were impressed by the fact that almost every guest in the restaurant was Chinese. Truly a good sign when looking for authentic foods.

                Thanks for the tip -- just thought you'd like to get a report back!

                1. what day do they serve dim sum?

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                    The have it in Saturdays and Sundays (full menu) and limited items during the week at dinner. I have heard the regular menu is good there, too, but I always get dim sum. Sunday lunch seems to be the busiest time.

                  2. Fortune freaked me out... I thought the food was lacking in quality ingredients, kinda scary!

                    1. lol 2006, ok just to liven things up, Sunflower restaurant, best dim sum in cols and most likely the best chinese restaurant too.

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                        I agree about Fortune. Very cheap, but very bland. Lee Garden... meh.. and expensive. Shang-Ri La is gone! It's an Ethiopian restaurant.

                        I'll have to try Panda Inn, Guan Dong and Sunflower. My favorite dim sum dish is when they take shrimp paste, form it into a patty then press taro strips onto it and fry it. Mmm. Lee Garden tried something similar, but it wasn't the same...

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                          Avoid Guan Dong - I posted a review back in August . They changed owners and the new ones ditched the Dim Sum and most of the menu along with their cooks. They're pretty much anything you can get from any other place in town now. I'd even put them on the lower end of the scale.


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                            Thanks for the heads up. It's hard enough to convince the fiance to go to dim sum with me. Never mind that the last time I did, I dragged him around town to Shangri La, which is gone, and then the place near Golden Delight bakery, who stopped serving dim sum at 3. I guess we'll try Sunflower next!

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                              The Bush Blvd (Guandong) has shut down/vacated sometime in the last year.

                      2. Currently, I know 4 places off the top of my head that serves dim sum -- that are still in business -- on the weekends.

                        Lee Garden and Sunflower Restaurant (both on Sawmill, btw) offer the traditional cart-pushing style. I'll take Lee Garden over Sunflower on any given day.

                        Panda Inn and Imperial Garden (both on Bethel) boast dim sum buffets and one could easily eat his/her money's worth at either location. Both are equally authentic and delicious.

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                          Is Lee Garden back up to where the quality used to be? I felt like things dipped for awhile after they changed owners.

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                            The new owners have tried to keep things more consistent these days, from the Chinese menu to the dim sum offerings. I think Lee Garden is as authentic as you can get when it comes to dim sum in Columbus, and it's not as pricey as Sunflower.

                        2. I know that these places can tend to change hands a lot, so does anyone have some updated information on dim sum in/around columbus? My parents are in for the holiday weekend and I'd like to go find some quality dim sum.

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                            I second tuba_king2341 - has anyone been to Lee Garden lately to see if the dim sum is still delicious? The girlfriend and I are displaced Washingtonians, and we'd love to have some dim sum, but don't know where to get it. Thanks for any recommendations!

                            Lee Garden
                            2685 Federated Blvd, Columbus, OH 43235

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                              See the write up below on Sunflower. Disclaimer: I wrote the piece.


                              I've been looking for dim sum in Columbus for years, the only two places that have decent dim sum is Lee's Garden and Sunflower. However there are dumplings in the buffet at Imperial Gardens on the weekend. Don't knock this buffet, it's has some of the more authentic Szechuan and Shanghainese food that exists in Columbus.

                              Imperial Garden Restaurant
                              2950 Hayden Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

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                              I know your post is a year old, but still worth updating:
                              Fortune was frightening when we tried it.
                              Went to Shangri-La for years when it was excellent, many years ago, but it went downhill and eventually closed.
                              Which leaves my recommendation, Little Dragon on Morse Road. Not carts, but a good weekend dim sum menu. Panda Inn is a good choice too. But the BEST choice is to drive to Cleveland and eat at Lee Wah on Payne Ave. Cart service and wonderful. Better than in Chicago.

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                                Awesome, I always love getting new recommendations. Maybe I'll convince my parents to drive up to Cleveland when they come out for Christmas.

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                                  I misspelled it. It's Li Wah, but it is on Payne Ave in the Asian mall building. Not dim sum, but their Chinese style fried chicken is delish. Add the lemon squeeze and ask for dipping salt if it doesn't come (salt with little flecks of Sichuan peppercorns)

                                  Li Wah Restaurant
                                  2999 Payne Ave Ste 102, Cleveland, OH 44114